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GUS Education India won the prestigious title of ‘Company of the Year Award 2022′ at the Outlook Business Spotlight’s Business Icons Awards 2022 and 2023. The event was organized by Outlook Business Spotlight on 25th Nov 2022 in Hyderabad to recognize and celebrate excellence in business innovation, creativity, and leadership. Professionals and leaders from different industries attended the event.

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Q: How does it feel after winning a title as Company of the year 2022?

The feeling of being named the 2022 recipient of the coveted Outlook Business Company of the Year Award is ecstatic. GUS Education India is pleased and honored to have been recognized for our efforts. This acclamation will motivate our team to work with a new spirit.

It always feels great to be recognized for the hard work being put in by the entire workforce. This award speaks for the teams and their efforts. Our customer-centric approach is one of the factors that brought us this recognition.

Q: How would you use being the recipient of this award to influence others and how would it impact your organization?

Such “Big” victories always motivate us to work harder and develop cutting-edge solutions that support India’s Ed-tech industry. With a focus on sustainable innovation and constantly streamlining and refining our enabling procedures to spur growth – This award will help us gain a significant amount of attention and recognition as an organization that supports entrepreneurial culture. More external groups will be aware about our people-first culture and our dedication towards our customers. This is indeed the best part of getting an award at such a prestigious event.

This acclamation will also impart a sense of motivation in other organizations to work harder, come up with innovative ideas and serve their customers with the best possible solutions. We are obliged!

Q: Please tell us about yourself and your organization.

I am Shashi Jaligama, the Managing Director of GUS Education India. I strongly believe in revolutionizing the smooth functioning of businesses in an entrepreneurial set-up. I have over 18 years of hands-on experience in business operations and digital marketing across different sectors – Education, Telecom, Retail, Finance, Gaming, etc.

My journey at Global University Systems (GUS) started in 2013 as the Head of Digital Marketing and now I am managing the growth and operations of GUS Education India (GEI) as the Managing Director.

About GUS Education India

GUS Education India (GEI) is a serving wing of Ed-tech giant Global University Systems based in Europe. GUS Education India LLP was established in the year 2017 in Hyderabad. The organization has worked with over 30+ renowned educational institutions/universities across the globe. GUS is a Great Place to Work-Certified (2022-23) and (2021-22) as a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture organization.

GUS Education India is a full-stack organization that houses a range of services that include – Digital Marketing, Analytics, Student Advisory Services, Admissions Support, University Services, Business Development Support, Human Resources, IT, and Finance.

The leaders of the organization strongly believe in success through innovation and digital diversity. Rich skill sets and an unwavering passion for quantifiable results are two defining characteristics of our team.

GEI promises to create a mark by delivering viable, measurable results by developing customized business solutions for each customer and carrying out data-driven strategies. We are proud to serve some of the most prestigious universities in the world. Our customers have gained confidence in us because of our innovative approaches, focused attention, and commitment to constant improvement.

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