eXp agents celebrate successful 2022…

The gala evening was hosted comedian Tom Allen who performed a comedy set tailored to his audience that included tongue-in-cheek jibes at the property industry and at some of the assembled audience including eXp World Holdings founder, chairman and chief executive Glenn Sandford who flew in from the USA especially for the event.

Adam Day, UK expansion lead at eXp, said: “At the beginning of the eXp UK journey just three years ago, our Christmas festivities amounted to a Zoom call with barely twelve agents attending. The rapid transformation from those humble beginnings to one of the largest estate agencies in the UK is quite an achievement by any standard.

“The faith that hundreds of agents have shown in the eXp brand is plain to see as we continue to be one of the fastest growing property brands in the country backed by a fantastic team.

He revealed a series of awards including the highest commission, which was more than £300,000, and awards for non-financial accolades including the Breakthrough Award, Best Team Player and Agent of the Year. 

Day added: “It was a very proud evening to celebrate the incredible accomplishments of our agents.”

The awards won were:

•    Highest Average Fee – Jason Scott 

•    Highest Gross Commission Earned – Chris Abraham

•    Best Newcomer – Darren Beckett

•    The ‘Wow’ Factor – Mark Buchanan 

•    Breakthrough Award – Izabela Rapacka 

•    Best Video Marketing – Gary Bartlett

•    Agent of the Year – Chris Abraham

•    Best Team Player – Ian Wyn-Jones

•    Best Marketeer – Ben Moore

•    Agent’s Agent of the Year – Tony Ruby

•    ICON Agents – Chris Abraham, Kirsty Hodgson, Samantha Cerrone, Mark Buchanan, Claire Bilton & Aaron Tonks

•    ‘Cappers’ – Mark Buchanan, Kirk Shephard, Jason Scott, Gavin Mills, Karen Trace, Claire Bilton, Aaron Tonks, Linda Stringer, Chris Abraham, Tony Ruby, Jaine Whitfield, Daryl Hill, Adam Halliwell, Ashlee Mellett, Chris Wood, Simon Taylor, Mark Bentley, Raphael Agbandje, Thomas Howe, Paul Parnell, James Berry, Andrew Pearson, Alistair Harper, Liana Loporto, Samantha Cerrone, Olivia Kemp, Ashley Would, Jane Lees, Martin Regan-Kennard, Dean Coleman, Melanie Anderson, Helen Moore, Mark Stern, John Murray, Amie Brooks, Darren Beckett, Rosie Marlow, Ben Fitzgibbon, Kirsty Hodgson, Ian Wyn-Jones, Dominic Murphy, Gary Bartlett, Helen Celik & Chris Hayward

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