The Best Christmas Digital Marketing Ideas for Businesses

Christmas is the perfect time of the year to try your hand at some marketing campaigns. As people are usually very receptive during the holiday, businesses do not need big advertisement budgets. Theming your brand around the season will not increase consumer engagement and create strong brand awareness but also showcase the personality behind the brand. 

Today, we are Martech Cube are here with an early Christmas gift; the top Christmas promotional ideas to get the best out of this holiday season. Follow the trail to know more.

Creating Christmas Email Campaigns

While creating an email campaign, the only prerequisite is to align your product or services with the Christmas theme. If your subject line is fun and attractive, you can gain higher click rates sending a strong message to your customers. Businesses that are looking forward to boosting their sales during this season can also opt for marketing automation, which will target customers based on their online activity with your brand.

Having a Christmas Themed Landing Page

This holiday season also calls for a lot of shopping for oneself and gifts for others. Having the perfect landing page that customers can drop by, will only make brands gain profits. So creating landing pages for Christmas shoppers will only boost your conversions. Seasonal landing pages can offer holiday-themed giveaways making it attractive for customers to choose your brand. And if you do not use countdown timers on the landing page, then it’s the simplest marketing tactic you have missed out on.

Adding a Christmas Website Image

The first digital glimpse of you and your product/service is your website. So why not modify it according to seasonal needs and give it a holiday makeover, making it more memorable? One of the great ways of creating a vibe and having people want to check your website is to make it trendy. And with Christmas being at the edge–let’s say more Christmassy. Having a few modifications like Christmas trees, Santa, and snowflakes will only excite your potential consumers more and bring them down to your website for shopping. 

Updating Product Description

Tweaking your product description will not only attract new customers but will also bring back old customers to buy the same product again.

This entire idea of changing the product description is to align it with your website, emails, and landing pages; making the entire space consistent and aesthetically pleasing.

Running Ad Campaigns and Remarketing

If you want to see major profits dashing through the snow; you’ll have to loosen your budget caps. Running ad campaigns and showcasing your product the right way, might only bolser your brand with unimaginable results. The Ad campaigns can include seasonal buzzwords to keep your brand trendy, and images of happy and smiling faces with the product will act like a cherry on the cake. Different campaigns like the PPC can create a sense of urgency and excitement, taking your campaign to another level.

Promoting Gift Cards

With hectic schedules and wrapping up of work before Christmas, customers are still deciding what presents to buy for their beloved ones. And having a time constraint, preferential differences make them opt for promotional gifting cards. You can make these gift cards easily visible on your websites, and placing them on the eCommerce store will only increase sales. A dedicated newsletter for this initiative will spread information about the launch of this digital product. 

Running a Giveaway

One of the most effective ways to bring consumers to your brand is–the giveaway contest. Running a 12-day contest can keep customers engaged and excited for the ultimate gift. It can indeed increase your brand awareness, and engagement and bring more potential customers to your e-store. A common and effective way of encouraging customers to participate in your giveaway is by partnering with influencers. When they keep posting and interacting with your brand, the chances of attracting more fond customers are more.

Wrapping Up

With Christmas being around the corner, it is time to pump up efficient digital marketing ideas. The above-given ideas will give you a kickstart for this holiday season and the coming year. It will inspire you and show you the most important channels and various marketing funnels you need to target.

Apart from the aforementioned, investing in content marketing may resolve customer issues, thus boosting your seasonal sales! And always remember, email marketing is your Christmas ally, thus using the right tool for this job will increase engagement with your audience. 

If you are still searching for a robust strategizing marketing campaign, check through to see what Christmas miracles we can create together!

Get out there and create a recognizable Christmas marketing campaign to take your business to the next level!

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