Seo Ji-hye betrays her best friend Hong Soo-hyun in Red Balloon teaser

On December 13, TV Chosun released a new teaser for the ongoing comedy and melodrama Red Balloon on its YouTube channel, featuring Seo Ji-hye, Hong Soo-hyun, Lee Sang-woo, and Lee Sung-jae.

Seo Ji-hye, Hong Soo-hyun, and Lee Sang-woo portray the characters of Jo Eun-kang, Han Ba-da, and Ko Cha-won, respectively, in the drama. Lee Sang-woo’s character Ko Cha-won is married to Han Ba-da, whereas Seo Ji-hye’s Jo Eun-kang seems to desire the life her best friend Han Ba-da is living, as shown in the teaser.

The teaser showcases the deep friendship shared by Jo Eun-kang and Han Ba-da and how the former betrayed her and decided to start an affair with Han Ba-da’s husband, Ko Cha-won.

The drama presents a story about four different people who feel a sense of isolation from society because of their unfulfilled desires and ambitions. Seo Ji-hye’s character wants to become a teacher amidst her struggles.

Seo Ji-hye’s character Jo Eun-kang dreams of becoming a teacher

Seo Ji-hye‘s character Jo Eun-kang has a childhood dream of becoming a school teacher. However, life takes a drastic turn for her when she fails to pass the teaching examination. Following her failure in the examination, she decided to teach students as a private tutor. Jo Eun-kang seems calm and collected outside, but she holds something heavy within herself.

Red Balloon’s teaser begins with Jo Eun-kang dancing fearlessly in the rain. It seems she has no troubles in the world and wants to live in the present moment. The teaser then transits to the past, where Jo Eun-kang and Han Ba-da used to be high schoolers. The two are seen making a pinky promise in the teaser.

Following their declaration to be friends for a long time, the scene overlaps with the present, where the two hug each other. The present emphasizes that they are still going strong as friends.

Following the hug scene, Han Ba-da notices that three pearls are missing from her pouch, to which Jo Eun-kang assures her in a confident voice that she will find the remaining pearls. The teaser also showcases Lee Sung-jae’s struggle. Yoon Joo-sang plays the character of Lee Sung-jae’s father-in-law, Go Mul Sang. Despite his best efforts, his father-in-law never loses a chance to scold and belittle him, as showcased in the teaser.

In the last stage of the teaser, Jo Eun-kang seems to be anxious, thinking about the men she really likes. She looks at the wedding picture of Han Da-ba and Go Cha-won. She claims that the photographs appear to be her own, but they are not. Later in the teaser, Go Cha-won is treating a wound on Jo Eun-kang’s knees and their eyes meet.

The teaser ends with Han Ba-da’s husband, Go Cha-won, moving towards Jo Eun-kang as if he is about to kiss her. Jo Eun-kang can be heard saying, “You know this is a secret from Ba Da, right?,” referring to the affair she and Han Ba-da’s husband are having and Jun Eun-kang possibly betraying her best friend.

Seo Ji-hye made her debut in 2003

Seo Ji-hye has appeared in many well-known Korean dramas over the years. However, she gained international recognition with her role as Seo Dan in the 2019 tvN/Netflix hit series Crash Landing on You. Fans loved her chemistry with actor Hyun Bin on the show.

Since then, she has starred in many dramas, including Dr.Brain, Dinner Mate, Kiss Sixth Sense, and many others. She recently appeared in the thriller drama Adamas along with Ji Sung and is currently starring in the ongoing TV Chosun drama Red Balloon.

She is reportedly confirmed to appear in the 16-episode comedy and romance drama Younger alongside Sung Joon.

The ongoing twenty-episode drama Red Balloon airs every Saturday and Sunday at 21:10 KST.

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