Children Of The Light Is Hosting Concerts For The Rest Of 2022


Thatgamecompany has set up an extraordinary event for the rest of the year as Sky: Children Of The Light will be holding concerts. From now until January 2nd, the company will be holding a concert every four hours featuring songs performed by artist AURORA. You can watch these performances on iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation, with no tickets, purchases, or minimum game progress needed to enjoy it. This is basically their holiday gift to the fans who wish to kick back and enjoy a musical evening during the holidays. We got more info and quotes from the parties involved about it as these concerts are now live.

Credit: thatgamecompany

Sky has always been an experience about connecting people and the concert is a further extension of that. With the concert, I wanted to bring people together to share in an emotional and beautiful journey that’s unlike anything before it. Collaborating with AURORA was the perfect avenue to take players on this adventure because of her ability to convey emotional depth while appealing to many different types of people. Her values were also so aligned with that of Sky and our community that it really felt like a perfect fit,” said Jenova Chen, thatgamecompany’s CEO and Creative Director.

“When I said yes to doing this collaboration, I felt like I was saying yes to making something truly special that could really mean something to people, and ultimately connect people together. It’s all just so beautiful and it’s been an honor to bring this to life with thatgamecompany,” said AURORA.

“Powered by a proprietary game engine, the concert promises to be revolutionary. The concert connects over 4,000 players together on the same screen, in the world’s largest virtual concert venue for a shared emotional musical journey. This first-of-its-kind virtual performance propels the vision of in-game concerts forward, redefining what is possible through unparalleled music, storytelling and interactivity. During the concert, fans can look forward to 45 minutes of AURORA performing some of her top hits, including “Exhale Inhale,” “Runaway,” “Warrior,” and more. After its premiere today, the concert continues every four hours from December 9th until midnight on January 2nd, 2023.”

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