SEO Marketing Specialist Viktoria Altman Discusses the Importance of Geotagging in Helping Businesses Find Customers

SEO marketing specialist Viktoria Altman ( releases a new article explaining the importance of geotagging in SEO and how it helps businesses find customers. The marketing specialist and founder of legal marketing firm BSP Legal Marketing say that getting a business on the first page of internet search results is one of the biggest struggles in creating an online presence for one’s business.

“This is especially true for law firms with such a highly competitive industry. How your potential clients find you rely on the information you put on your website and how your website communicates with search engines. Regardless of the search engine, whether your clients use Google, Yahoo, or Bing, making it easier for these websites to find and locate your business can also make it easier for you to be found by your customers,” the SEO marketing specialist says.

Ms. Altman says that geotagging involves attaching location metadata to a person’s media. This location metadata identifies the exact location of the media through longitude and latitude. For example, a person takes a photo of a sunset somewhere. The phone will automatically indicate the image’s date, time, and settings according to the data it generates.

The legal marketing professional also says that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to getting the right customers for the website at the right time. Geotagging can help search engines identify a person’s location and let people around the area know about it, too. In the case of a business, geotagging helps both the business and the client find each other.

In the article, Ms. Viktoria Altman adds, “While it may be nice to have a wide reach and have people from, say, other states or even other countries find your website, it isn’t likely that your service would be helpful for them nor will their clicks convert into business for you. While it may be nice to see a lot of engagement in general, even if it comes from other places, this may indicate that you are not using the right keywords and are not being seen by potential clients.”

BSP Legal Marketing has a team of professionals who may be able to help a client boost their law firm’s online presence. It is crucial to seek the help of an experienced legal marketing firm when it comes to dealing with online marketing.

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