Alex Caragiannides’ Client Attraction Machine Marketing Method Making Waves in Mortgage, Realty, and Insurance Industries

With decades of experience in the mortgage and real estate industry, Alex Caragiannides’s passion for digital marketing led to the founding of BSM Vault, merging tacit knowledge with tech to create an unbeatable solution for sales professionals.

The catchphrases in today’s world of digital marketing are “omnipresence” and “knowledge sharing,” among the key ingredients in enhancing brand authority—and  Alex Caragiannides, founder and owner of BSM Vault, understands this intimately. 

The company’s solution leverages the effective use of social brand marketing and many strategies that target selected segments of the marketing funnel and result in higher conversion rates. His “Client Attraction Machine” methodology leverages his decades of experience and is designed to help mortgage professionals and real estate professionals grow their businesses organically. 

When it comes to the mortgage and realty business, Alex Caragiannides has been there and done that. He was an early adopter of social media strategies and a keen student of digital marketing in its formative years. 

When Alex finally decided to found a digital marketing business, he quickly recognized the mortgage, real estate, and insurance industries represented a triad on which he would focus. Being both the subject matter expert and developer of the solution has been a significant factor.  Alex’s ethics and deep knowledge of these industries resulted in a robust and intuitive platform that mortgage and real estate managers can employ to increase marketing and sales performance. 

The guiding principle behind the BSM Vault solution is simple: “Client acquisition is based around attracting leads, not chasing them.” Everyone involved in sales, from reps to managers, wants “high-quality leads,” and sales personnel in most organizations are geared to chase them. It’s common across all industries, and according to Alex, these “order takers” will continue to struggle with lead generation until they realize the importance of creating the right environment to attract leads. 

Most loan officers, realtors, and insurance agents continue to approach lead generation by buying prospect lists from companies online or relying on old-school sales methods. Alex bases his method on his deep understanding of the value chain in these industries. With an intimate understanding of the dynamics of the sales cycle, he has based BSM Vault’s acquisition system on the principles of Attraction. 

The solution goes beyond reaching the target audience through well-placed ads, social media, authoritative content, videos, and so on—but analyzing different stages of the marketing funnel. His methods consistently achieve high rates of leads-to-sales conversion for good reason. 

The system qualifies the sales prospect and allows the sales professional to spend quality time with high-quality leads. Yet, the system does not ignore nor lose the suspect leads; instead, it keeps track until the time comes to re-engage them in the future. Retention is based on continually providing “value” in terms of useful content, special deals, and other factors that serve to attract leads. 

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Alex Caragiannides started from humble beginnings, arriving in America as an immigrant and growing up in a North Side Greek community in Chicago. He learned early on that industrious men will never go hungry if they work hard and make themselves invaluable to others. Starting his career in the mortgage industry as a telemarketer at a large mortgage company, he eventually became a loan officer and carved out a niche for himself in the industry to become one of the top-producing loan officers in San Diego. He quickly adopted the social media platform to directly target customers using Google and Facebook ads. It inspired a passion within him for digital marketing and the rest, as they say, is history.

About Alex: 

Alex Caragiannides is the founder and owner of BSM Vault and the creator of the Client Attraction Machine. He came to the United States of America from Greece at a young age and grew up in Chicago before moving to San Diego as an adult and finding work at a mortgage company as a loan officer. He eventually discovered his passion for digital marketing and went on to found his digital marketing company.

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