When reach, privacy, and ROI all matter, choose Microsoft Advertising

To say it’s been a big year for Microsoft Advertising would be underselling it.

Brands are now able to reach 1.4 billion people through its Windows ecosystem, due chiefly to its Search and Audience networks.

Indeed, few companies can offer what Microsoft does under the one roof – with the benefits of a search engine (Microsoft Bing), a news publisher (MSN), a social media platform (LinkedIn), a browser (Edge), retail media platform (PromoteIQ) and a game console (Xbox), all showing significant growth in 2022.

Plus, forging an exclusive technology and sales partnership with Netflix, following its acquisition of adtech business Xandr, has meant the multinational technology corporation can offer brands access to unique experiences and audiences on search, native and video that they can only do through Microsoft Advertising.


Netflix’s new  Basic with Ads tier – which launched in November – is exclusively supported by the combined power of Microsoft + Xandr’s end-to-end platform.

Microsoft itself has been steadily growing too, most notably among PC users on the Microsoft Search Audience Network, which includes Bing, and partner sites.

And the potential stretches far beyond Bing. Microsoft Advertising powers a number of other search engines, including Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Nine, AOL, and more.

Drilling down even further for advertisers in the APAC region, Microsoft Advertising now offers 131 markets and counting.

This year alone, the company launched in over 90 new markets – with 22 in the APAC region. That growth is set to continue with advertising products soon to be available in 150 countries, giving brands the ability to reach tens of millions more Microsoft users across hundreds of millions of searches.

So, when it comes to reach and scale, that’s quite some heavy lifting – and hitting.


Brands can target new and emerging personas across their online purchasing journey by engaging and re-engaging consumers as they shift between work, life, research, and shopping. Microsoft commissioned Forrester Consulting to evaluate the consumer behaviours at the heart of this work/life collision and dig into the rise of the Workday Consumer. Read more on this valuable, relevant research here.

But where does all this search footfall start from? Well, at Windows Start, naturally.

Windows Start powering the growth in APAC

Microsoft Advertising’s one billion reach starts with the Windows operating system – the launching pad which is key to curating content and services to help people with their everyday tasks, from browsing and searching, to learning, gaming, and shopping – all with security and privacy built-in.

Not only has Microsoft Advertising announced continued expansion to new markets, they have also grown in their search share within the APAC region.


With marketers under increasing pressure to demonstrate ROI, an engaged audience which is open to making a purchase is vital for driving initial interest and converting leads.

When Audience is key, Microsoft has the Edge

Going further, Microsoft Advertising provides a complete brand marketing solution through its Microsoft Audience Network, which is targeted native, display, and video advertising.

The Microsoft Audience Network connects brands to their ideal audience leveraging rich search intent signals and browser behaviour. These ad placements are cross-device, brand-safe environments.

The varied consumer touchpoints across Microsoft’s Audience Network – and how they are all working together – are highlighted in the graphic below.


When Microsoft Advertising launched in Japan in May, for example, hotel search giant trivago wanted to be among the first there to run search and native campaigns. Click here to see how it worked out for them.

There is another important layer to Microsoft Advertising: security.

A data-safe advertising solution

Microsoft Advertising’s use of data and AI may be driving positive outcomes for advertisers, but it’s underpinned by the principles of privacy and ethics. It’s an approach that resonates with marketers who are striving to develop relationships with new and existing customers.

“Many Australian brands are taking advantage of our ‘privacy-first’ approach and we’re continuing to build strong trusted partnerships with our clients,” Australia & New Zealand sales director, Renee Stopps explains.

Microsoft approaches AI through the lens of not what it can do, but what it should do and how it can add value to consumers.


In turn, Microsoft Advertising ensures that privacy and ethics are vital principles to uphold.

Immediate Benefits of Microsoft Advertising


So why should you choose Microsoft Advertising?

The key benefits are obvious: increase the reach of your digital marketing; access multiple search engines; get a better return on investment; user-friendly campaign management; plus you can import your campaigns from other platforms.

Remember, you can target your ads to display when someone searches in your service area. Consumers can get extra info about your business with ad extensions. You pay only when someone clicks your ad, making it cost-effective for any budget. And overall, Microsoft Advertising offers better performance, because it has an audience with higher buying power.

One thing is clear: doing things the old way is no longer an option. Growing your business requires a new way of thinking about how to reach people when, where, and how they want to engage. It requires accelerating your digital strategy to deliver authentic brand experiences.

Across Microsoft devices and services that people rely on every day across work and life, you gain access to a diverse, global, high-value audience of over one billion people. And Microsoft Advertising delivers audience intelligence that helps you pinpoint your ideal customer and deliver more relevant messages based on audience intent across the entire customer journey. See how it works for you. Learn more about Microsoft Advertising here.

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