10 Stars that fans want to see on “The Manager”

Managers of your favorite stars are the ones who get the ball rolling. Fans can agree that managers have a lot on their plate, but what makes it better is when fans can truly see just how close of a friendship they have with their managers and that it’s not just a business deal! “The Manager” is a show where celebrity managers reveal their everyday life. So here are ten stars fans want to see on “The Manager!

1. BTS: BTS are known to have quite a close relationship with their managers, and if you’re an ARMY, you know there is one specific manager that’s been there since their debut and has even garnered his own fans, although now various sources have stated that he’s the manager for ENHYPEN, it’d still be great to see him make his appearance on this show!

2. IU: Also known to be very kind to her fellow staff, IU is also known to have close friendships with those who work with her 24/7, whether it be her bodyguard or her manager!

3. Song Joong Ki: It’s rare for many actors to make appearances on variety shows, but when they do come on, they show a whole other world within the entertainment industry; being a manager for a singer is different than being one to manage an actor, plus Song Joong Ki is known to be quite the gentleman to those around him, so it’d be great to see the kind of relationship he has with his manager!

4. Kim Se Jung: Although she hasn’t made an actual appearance, Kim Se Jung’s manager is someone whom the star even said that she relies on the most. In preparation for filming, Kim Se Jong had to go on a rigorous diet and be the moral support. Her manager even was willing to go on the diet with her! Showing just how supportive they are of one another!

5. TWICE: One of their well-known managers named “Sadness Unnie” was so close to TWICE that she was unofficially called the 10th member of the group for her various appearances in fan meetings and even live broadcasts. It’d be great to see them come onto the show together!

6. Hyun Bin: Viewers were able to get a glimpse of actor Hyun Bin when he came out during Daniel Henney’s guest appearance on the show, but Hyun Bin is known to be a bit on the more reserved side, so it’d be interesting to see the dynamics between him and his manager!

7. Lee Jae Wook: As a rising star, all eyes are on Lee Jae Wook as he’s been gaining traction. It’d be great to see him alongside his manager as they go through the daily life of the entertainment industry! Plus, Lee Jae Wook is known to have quite the wild side once you get to know him!

8. Park Seo Joon: Known to make great friends, Park Seo Joon is really close to his manager that even his manager’s child feels extremely comfortable around him! Which is an indicator of just how close he and his manager are!

9. Seventeen: Although we’ve seen them make their appearance already never hurts to invite a guest a second time. I mean, can you imagine being Seventeen’s manager, having to look after one of the most chaotic idol groups around? You’re bound to need even more energy than all the members combined! 

10. Park Eun Bin: Who hasn’t fallen in love with Park Eun Bin? After her immense success with past works such as “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” and “The King’s Affection,” you also give props to the manager for being able to keep up with the rise in stardom too! After all, managers do all the behind-the-scenes work!

Managers are really the backbones of the entertainment industry and really deserve far more than what they’re being acknowledged for!

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