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Sound accounts for 50% of a video and it’s well known in the video production industry that audio quality is even more important than visual quality, as far as ‘viewer retention’ is concerned.

While low-grade footage is far from ideal, a poor quality audio mix will comparatively turn off even more viewers. Bad sound detracts from your message – potentially rendering it impossible to understand – and can be simply unbearable for the viewer, who may consequently associate your company with low quality.

There is a direct correlation between how good your advertising videos are, in terms of production standards, and how the viewer therefore feels about the professionalism of your business.

Despite already offering great visual and audio quality in their promotional videos for businesses, Glowfrog Video Production have now taken this a step further, by hiring a dedicated in-house sound engineer. This is because they pride themselves on the premium-grade video content they produce for businesses across the Midlands and they’re always looking for ways to increase that quality even further.

Will Emmerson is the new sound engineer at Glowfrog

BSC Sound Engineering graduate of the BIMM Institute, Will Emmerson, will now be mixing and mastering audio for all video projects going forward.

Great sound is an underestimated yet very important factor within your advertising videos. If you want to optimise your video marketing with exceptional production standards, enquire today at

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