Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies In India 2023

Top 10 Best Digital Marketing Agencies in India 2023

Although you could not entirely aware of all they could do for you, a digital marketing firm can be a great partner for your company. Your responsibility as a sales and marketing manager is to attract all the customers through the “front doors” of your company.

Digital marketing: What is it?

The aim of digital marketing is to target, connect with the audience, and develop customer relationships online through a variety of channels to persuade them to purchase a product and additional transactions in the future. Digital marketing produces fantastic outcomes. Brands that blog regularly generate 67 cents more leads than those that don’t. Additionally, SEO has an exchange percentage of 14.6%, majorly better than the 1.7 percent traditional outbound approaches get.

The following strategies are part of digital marketing services:

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Online advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), video marketing, mobile marketing, and more.

To assist a business in achieving its purpose of marketing and sales purposes, a digital marketing company uses a wide range of different tactics, strategies, and internet resources. Because of this, it can be sometimes difficult for people with higher self and small marketing departments to develop and carry out a successful digital campaign. Given the breadth of online marketing, it can be helpful to check the services provided by the common categories of digital marketing organizations.

Seven Different Kinds of Digital Marketing Companies (and What They Do)

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If you are unfamiliar with the market scenario, picking a digital marketing company can be difficult. While some companies provide a wide range of services, others are sectors or service experts. Consider your budget, your online marketing purposes, and how hands-on your want to be around your marketing to know which option is best for your company. Seven of the most specific categories of digital marketing companies are listed below:


A digital marketing agency connects with customers online through omnichannel marketing, multimedia marketing, or single-channel marketing. In both multichannel and single-channel marketing, agencies engage with customers through one or more channels, including websites, blogs, emails, social media, and more. Marketing that provides a cohesive consumer experience across devices and troughs across the customer’s lifetime is referred to be called omnichannel marketing. Traditional marketing services are often not provided by a digital marketing agency.

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A full-service digital-marketing agency typically provides comprehensive digital marketing services and is larger than the majority of types of companies. Because they have experience working on different business projects, including lead nurturing campaigns or website redesigns, firms often engage with filled digital marketing agencies. Additionally, these companies can give them more strength for less money than it would cost to staff up new marketing divisions.


Unlike conventional outbound efforts, an inbound marketing company provides inbound marketing approaches and strategies. Inbound agencies work to establish a company’s website presence so that customers may find them, get to know them over time, and ultimately make a purchase. Although they often need a longer-term perspective (six months to a year or more), inbound methods can produce considerable returns over time.

4. SEO firm

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SEO (search engine optimization) specialists at digital marketing businesses assist their customers’ websites and websites to rank highly on search results. They’ll have experts carry out the following: Metadata evaluation Website audits Backlink audits Content for websites and blogs Keyword research (checking the quality of URL, title tags, meta descriptions, etc.) Optimization of the video description, link building, and other factors

Google, Search Console, SEM Dash, and SEO Moz are examples of the big data and website development technologies that an SEO firm will use. SEO companies are frequently the first to implement best practices for search engine optimization, like adhering to Google’s constantly evolving search algorithm.


The second method to drive visitors to a business site is paid search, known as paid advertising. In contrast to free organic traffic, Paid traffic comprises placing bids on keywords and banner advertising in search results. Websites, results page pages (SERPs), and other social media platforms can display digital adverts.

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Digital ad companies are skilled in creating eye-catching, keyword-rich advertisements that adhere to the quality standards of the online media they display. Popular service setting up and managing Google Ads Manager accounts and creating and deploying ads on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and YouTube.


Another strategy for driving visitors to a website is paid search, known as paid advertising. In contrast to free organic traffic, Paid traffic comprises placing bids on keywords and banner advertising in search results. Websites, google results pages (SERPs), or social media sites can display digital adverts. This can generate leads for you rapidly, but your ad must be correctly configured to reach your target market.

Online advertising businesses specializing in digital marketing know how to create attention-grabbing, optimized ads that follow best practices. As part of a larger web strategy, you can decide whether to work with one online advertising firm exclusively or in tandem with other companies. Although PPC can succeed on its own, it functions best when combined with a less costly long-term plan that can benefit from the bought traffic you produce.


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When businesses require assistance creating and sustaining a social media presence, they turn to social media firms. Social media production and management companies can set up adverts on popular social media sites like Facebook & Instagram. Additionally, they will provide services for reacting to and responding to customer communications on social media sites. They might offer influencer outreach for affiliate marketing or cross-promotion.

India’s most significant digital marketing companies are listed here in no specific order.

1. Growth Hackers Digital

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Known as a new breed of performance marketing firm, Growth Hackers Digital concentrates on the short and the long – more specifically, that funded startups and multinational organizations face. Specialties include improving CAC & ROAS, lead generation, digital marketing, and organic growth. This has helped several companies accomplish their goals.

The experts at Growth Hackers Digital start by learning everything there is to understand about the user before creating User Personas using the knowledge, expertise, and data at their disposal. Following this stage, they make dynamic campaigns on platforms to reach customers and increase sales. They think that the only way to guarantee the success of a campaign is to test and improve each component.

With locations in Bangalore and Mumbai, Growth Hackers Digital has worked with customers from Singapore, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, India, the United States, and other countries.

2. RankZ

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It is centered on sustainable growth marketing employing SEO services. Their specialties include high-quality backlinks and support-provided tactics, which have allowed them to assist major international brands and astute marketers for years in dominating the first page of search engines. The team has over 12 years of SEO and link-building experience, is highly driven, and has worked with numerous US, UK, and Indian clients. They also run outreach, the industry-leading link-building platform that allows you to create high-quality contextual backlinks from tens of thousands of specialized sites.

3. Schbang

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2015 saw the founding of Schbang, a Mumbai-based Creativity & Economic Transformation Company, by Harshil Karia, Sohil Karia, & Akshay Gurnani. Schbang has more than 800 members now after only six years. Schbang is evidence of the business’s obligation to help the client understand the big picture. For companies like Fevicol, Jio, Ashok Leyland, Baskin-Robbins, Tata Communications, and others, the firm offers comprehensive solutions and has produced award-winning digital work.

Services: Activation and Events, Technology and Design, Photography, Video Production, and Integrated Marketing Solutions.

4. WATConsult

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Dentsu Global hybrid digital company WATConsult has over 400 employees, 140 customers, and over 350 accolades. The company has locations in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Since launching in January 2007, WATConsult has assisted a variety of businesses in their efforts to leverage digital media for their brands. Customers include Tata, Godrej, Mahindra, Bajaj, Jio, and others. In January 2015, WATConsult was purchased by Dentsu International.

Services: Social media strategy, mobile app development SEO, native content alliances, campaign conceptual frameworks and design, social media marketing, Content, and interaction strategy, digital business building, and communications strategy.

5. iProspect India

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IProspect India, a member of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN) network, is one of India’s leading digital marketing agencies. It is a multinational, full-service digital media agency. A new phase of performance-driven branding has begun thanks to its unmatched blend of media strategy, storytelling, digital expertise, and audience analytics. By providing human-centric solutions, iProspect helps some of the most well-known businesses in the world, like Sonos, Cox, LG, Hyatt, Levi’s, Budweiser, Microsoft, & Procter & Gamble. Grow faster. The iProspect team works in 93 markets with a global network of more than 8,000 media & performance experts.

On your behalf, this organization creates and executes a comprehensive brand strategy. In addition, it is a well-known creative company with expertise in text, video, and other forms of creative communication. Business intelligence, advertising activation, planning and strategy, an innovative and material hub, a marketplace, & digital media are in the services offered.

6. Webchutney

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India’s Webchutney is an advertising agency run by Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). This marketing service provider’s strategy for online marketing is a superb blend of creativity and technology. With services including website design, mobile advertising, social marketing, and online advertising, it is recognized to be one of India’s top digital marketing organizations.

7. ROI Minds

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ROI Minds has generated more than $150 million in revenue for its customers through sponsored adverts (Google and Facebook Ads). They manage more than $1 million in daily ad spend for our customers on Google and Facebook, producing up to 10x income. They are among the best pay-per-click (PPC) companies out there! Growing e-commerce sites and clients who generate leads are helping ROI Minds grow and become more profitable. They specialize in various areas, including ROI-Driven PPC, Social Ads, SEO, Native Advertisements, Digital Marketing, and Social Media Marketing.

Services: Content marketing, content writing, conversion rate optimization, white label firm, white label SEO, native ads, PPC management, e-commerce advertising, e-commerce PPC, and e-commerce SEO.

8. Kinnect

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One of India’s leading digital marketing firms, Kinnect prioritizes business impact over all other factors. They believe that a natural business effect continuously has an impact on brand awareness, sales, and visibility. They have built a variety of standards & capacities, but they are always flexible and adaptable. At Kinnect, cutting-edge technologies that mix creative and data-driven insights to deliver real-time, actionable results are coupled with conventional branding concepts.

9. WebMatriks

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Webmatriks has assisted business owners in scaling new levels of success since its founding as a highly skilled IT company. Thanks to a team of knowledgeable IT specialists, it provides consumers with hassle-free and superior service worldwide. The two principal cities are Faridabad and Dehradun. Their goal-oriented services are designed to help your internet business surpass your competitors in terms of profitability and reach your goals.

10. SocialPulsar

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A digital marketing firm called SocialPulsar was established in San Francisco and had offices in India and the United Arab Emirates abroad (UAE). Since 2015, its 45 clients worldwide have received SEO, PPC, online marketing, online marketing, and other digital marketing from its under 50 employees. Innovation is at the heart of Social Pulsar’s creative ideas as they develop marketing strategies that benefit the client. Through the use of a diversified talented workforce, they have provided online solutions to many industries.

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Team For Your Company?

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Before working with a digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to determine your company’s needs. Do you need assistance updating your website’s Content, executing some SEO improvements, or rethinking the user experience? Then, to decide what kind of agency would be most advantageous for your firm, you need to assess the marketing expertise, talents, and competencies that already exist within your organization. Are you outsourcing all of your promotions, or do you always have an internal team that wants some assistance?

You’ll have a better notion of whether or not partnering with a company is the best option once you’ve posed these questions. Additionally, you’ll be aware of the kind of digital marketing agency your company requires.

What Performs a Digital Marketing Company?

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Due to their competence in internet marketing, businesses cooperate with digital marketing organizations. Agencies are knowledgeable about the most recent trends, best – practices, and successful tools and methods for digital marketing.

When dealing with a digital agency, you can anticipate the following things precisely:

  • Agents for Digital Marketing generate natural traffic for your website.

Any digital marketing campaign’s main purpose is to drive as much natural traffic as possible to the target website. Digital marketing companies employ specialists who are well-versed in inbound marketing, user experience, and website search algorithms.

Working with a digital agency will enhance your website’s organic traffic or visitors who arrive there after searching online. With less expense, your website will generate more leads. These prospects will be of higher quality, increasing the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

what services do digital marketing agencies offer?

  • Agents for Digital Marketing Leads are ready to be sold. 

The experts at digital marketing companies will be familiar with your company, your marketing goals, your sales process, and the ideal targeted markets. They will be familiar with a variety of inbound marketing strategies, including content marketing, online marketing, website design, & search engine optimization.

Depending on where prospects are in your sales pipeline, some inbound marketing strategies are more successful than others. Partnering with a digital agency will allow them to convey the appropriate message to each lead in your sales pipeline at the proper time and through the relevant online media. By directing authorities from the head of your sales pipeline to the bottom, a digital marketing firm may assist you in generating leads that are prepared for sales.

  • Agents for Digital Marketing extend your brand’s reach. 

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Customers of yours are online. You are aware of this, as are all other digital marketing agencies. Digital marketing agencies understand how to increase your brand’s reach online because they focus on online brand promotion and customer connection building. Partnering with a digital marketing company will help your website become more visible, thanks to the agency’s buyer persona creation and keyword research efforts. Your brand will have more online visibility on social media platforms if you hire a digital marketing company to handle your social media marketing.

  • From top to bottom, Digital Marketing Agencies increase your marketing. 

Your internal marketing people should feel like an offshoot of the digital advertising company you hire. Your digital marketing agency partner will make up for what your employer branding lack in terms of specialist knowledge and time for digital marketing. A digital marketing company will identify any flaws in your current online advertising initiatives. Your odds of lacking the knowledge your particular digital marketing campaign requires if your marketing people are small are high. For instance, you must do social media marketing, email marketing, public relations, and website design. You might not be an expert in all of these fields.

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Do You Need a Digital Marketing Team For Your Company?

Before working with a digital marketing agency, it’s crucial to determine your company’s needs. Do you need assistance updating your website’s Content, executing some SEO improvements, or rethinking the user experience?

Then, to decide what kind of agency would be advantageous for your firm, you need to assess the marketing expertise, talents, and competencies that already exist in your organization. Are you outsourcing all of your advertisements, or do you always have an internal team that needs some assistance? You’ll have a better notion of whether or not partnering with an agent is the best option once you’ve posed these questions. Additionally, you’ll be aware of the kind of online marketing services your company requires.

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