Bigfoot Publications Evolves With Changing Trends In The Publishing Industry

The publishing industry in the country is said to be flourishing and growing at an incredible rate of 30 per cent yearly. Undoubtedly, the market has grown significantly in size in terms of both book sales and the number of books published. India’s publishing sector is growing quickly, but there are still many big obstacles to overcome, such as copyright and piracy concerns. 20–25 per cent of the market is made up of pirated publications, which have a negative effect on the entire sector, causing publishers to lose money and the government to stop collecting taxes. India needs a robust regulatory environment to address these issues and clear up any misunderstandings regarding the limits of copyright infringement.

Continual and Profitable Growth

Creating growth that is long-term, profitable, and sustainable is crucial but difficult. The creation of effective growth strategies takes into account the fact that CEOs and other business leaders are responsible for creating the most value for the stakeholders of their organisations in this age of transformation. In order to develop and put into practice solutions that lead to greater profitability and long-term value, we challenge the veracity of preconceived beliefs.

The increase in overall educational spending, the overall enrollment rates of educational institutions, and the number of government programs devoted to education has been highlighted as the main growth drivers of the Indian publishing industry. At least 45 percent of trade books sold are written in one of India’s many regional languages, promoting Indian culture, values, and excellence. In order to reach a wide range of consumers, it achieves this through maximising the ongoing usage of digital platforms like e-books produced in regional languages.

Self-publishing businesses that are responsive to current needs

Many self-publishing businesses have emerged in response to the pressing priority, one such name is Bigfoot Publications which stands apart due to its offerings. Deepak Yadav founded the Gurugram-based publication business Bigfoot in 2017 with the goal of enabling authors to fully control their books and so increase their sense of connection to their works. They began the writers’ DIY (do it yourself) projects as a result. This enables authors to handle every step independently, including cover design, pagination, and alignment.

Later, the draft is forwarded for publication, and the finished product is reviewed by a group of house specialists to double-check the facts and guarantee accuracy. The book is then eventually sent to be printed. As a result, the publishing industry and the author will be able to communicate openly. The author gains a platform to demonstrate their creativity through their work, which may ultimately encourage other writers to develop original ideas.

After publication, The Bigfoot Publications continues to publish. Bigfoot Publications promises to create a bestseller since it is the only publishing house in India that is confident in its marketing capabilities. It is simple to publish a book, but it is crucial to advertise it afterwards to ensure that it is available for a long time. Knowing this, the publishing firm provides a wide range of offline and online marketing services. Distribution at bookstores (such as Oxford and Crossword), distribution at book fairs, newspaper endorsements, etc. are all examples of offline marketing.

On the other hand, the online model makes use of electronic billboards, video trailers, email marketing, and Ad campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, among other things.

Expert’s take

Sharing his perspective on the same, the Founder of Bigfoot Publications, Deepak Yadav, stated, “ Although instant content is easily available on electronic platforms, print is still popular, probably because of the experience that comes with reading a tangible book. In fact, print delivery has recently surpassed digital delivery, and some readers actually purchase both formats of the books they adore. I am interested in seeing how the publishing sector develops in the future. Even while the wealth of the business hasn’t increased significantly every year, it has remained a high-yielding sector that creates lots of jobs, keeps us amused, and educates us. Continue reading and spreading the love for the books you enjoy with your audience since it’s a field that deserves your support. They are also wonderful presents.”

Future prospects for the evolving patterns

In 2021, more authors saw direct sales success from their own websites, and we anticipate this to continue in 2022. The biggest winners in this situation could be well-known authors. Many high-end writers who want to build their brand will take into account the unpredictable world of direct sales on their own websites. Although there is a high learning curve, these authors will recognise the value of expanding their team to enable them to accomplish the seemingly insurmountable.

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