OHSAA neutral sites enjoy exposure of hosting

SHARONVILLE, Ohio — The OHSAA football regional semifinals starts Friday night. At this point in the tournament, games are held at a neutral site. 

What You Need To Know

  • The regional semifinals mean games are hosted at neutral sites, including Princeton High School
  • Joe Roberts, the athletic director at Princeton, said hosting big games like this is great exposure for the school district
  • Roberts said the games also bring in money through concessions and parking that helps benefit the school district and sports programs

At Princeton High School, the football field and the stands will be completely packed, but one team that won’t be playing is Princeton itself. 

It’s a balancing act to make sure everything is set for the regional semifinals, and Athletic Director Joe Roberts is used to making it all work.

Joe Roberts welcomes the challenge of hosting OHSAA tournament games. (Spectrum News/KatieKapusta)

“Our athletic department staff just does an outstanding job in game prep and getting ready,” Roberts said. “We treat these games just like we do when the Princeton Vikings are playing.”

Roberts said what makes Princeton an ideal neutral site is the location, which is north of Cincinnati, and its amenities and facilities. He prides himself on hosting OHSAA tournaments, regardless of the sport.

“It’s an opportunity to showcase our facilities,” he said. “It’s an opportunity to be a part of a community organization and bringing schools here and bringing communities here and giving them a chance to be a part of our campus.”

Princeton and other neutral site schools get a lot out of it. Not just exposure, but raising money through concessions and parking. Right now, Princeton is set to host both this weekend and next, and depending on match ups, could host a state semi-final game, which would be a big deal for Roberts and his staff.

Princeton will also host regional final games. (Spectrum News/KatieKapusta)

“High school football is so alive in the state of Ohio and is such a draw and attraction for communities that we’ll host them, we’ll be here, we’ll be ready to go,” Roberts said. “Lights will be on. Pat Mancuso field will be ready to go.”

One of those matchups at Princeton with be Lakota West against Elder, two powerhouse football programs here in Southwest Ohio. You can catch that game on Spectrum News 1.

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