Best money making freelance roles in the marketing industry

News around the current global recession has increased the pressure on marketers to perform and make more sales. Amidst the shift, almost half of the marketing teams have used freelance teams or have plans to start soon. According to a report by Hire Digital, the need for freelance teams is steadily increasing with 59% of the correspondents saying that there’s been an increase in freelance services in the last five years. But what are some of the most lucrative free lancing roles out there?

Higher Visibility has analysed different roles and skills within the marketing industry, averaging the hourly rates for freelancers, to find out which are the most valuable in today’s economy. Taking the top spot for the highest average hourly wage was YouTube at US$61.70, covering a variety of roles from ad placement, video optimisation, post-production, thumbnail creation, and strategy. All of these combine to ensure growth on the platform that is home to millions of creators, some of which have gone on to carve illustrious careers outside of YouTube due to the communities they have developed over time. 

There’s no surprise that marketers with this skill set can command an average hourly rate that is over 5.5 times the average hourly rate in the US. Marketing strategists had the second highest rate when it came to freelancers, they were able to command US$58.44 per hour on average, whereas those working in salaried positions could expect an average of US$38.48 hourly. 

Commanding the third highest average hourly salary were copywriters, at US$54.29 per hour. 

The most valuable marketing freelance roles in 2022


The highest-paying Freelance digital marketing sectors in 2022

freelance stats

With average hourly rates beginning at US$11.45, all the way up to US$61.70, it’s clear that within this industry that’s often branded as being heavily saturated, there are still lucrative positions to be held. 

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