Printing Industry Sales Email No-No’s: A Follow Up

Two weeks ago today, on October 25, I wrote and posted a blog on the subject of what not to write in an email. Coincidentally, a reader/friend forwarded me an email she had received that same day. This was the third email she had received from this sender (I’ve changed her name and company name):

Sally, I wanted to make sure I got in contact with you… Dustin mentioned to me that you head up the marketing at ABC Company, right?

I know a lot of marketing teams have more on their plate than they can handle internally. We step in to fill in the gaps and get that stuff done (profitably).

We can’t help everybody, but when we do… we can step in to help with stuff like running ads, content creation, email marketing, and automation.

Do you all over at ABC Company need help with any of that where we might be able to “lighten the load” for you?

Let me know,

After reading the forwarded email, I wrote back to my friend and asked her to better define what she was upset about.

She replied, “I am bothered that he is acting like we know each other, with the reference to the mysterious ‘Dustin.'” Perhaps even more frustrating, she told me, was her desire to reply and share her upset. Doing so, while potentially satisfying, validates her email for future nonsense, and ends up getting her nowhere.

I looked the company up on LinkedIn. Ironically, while there is a Dustin listed, there is no one there with the first name Giuliano.

Furthermore, this company boasts their ability to “…market at a personal level…” despite the fact that they demonstrate zero authenticity themselves.

Don’t pretend to be something you are not. Doing so kills a relationship even before it begins. Be persistent, yes. But be authentic.


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