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This is a comprehensive review of The Virtual Coach Training Program by Eben Pagan & Annie Lalla. It contains everything you need to know and how to get started.

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Product Name: Virtual Coach

Product Creator: Eben Pagan & Annie Lalla

Registration: Ongoing until 19 November 

Free Training: Free Live Masterclass

A Brief Introduction To The Virtual Coach Training Program 

The 2022 edition of the Virtual Coach Program is designed to help people become great coaches and establish their coaching practices. The creator of this program based it on Laser Coaching, developed by Thomas Leonard who is also the person behind the modern-day coaching movement. 

The program provides 25 laser coaching sessions, which the author has designed to match almost every situation. It will help you overcome your fears, gain clarity, and identify opportunities so that your coaching business can move forward. Even more, the sessions will allow you to develop your Virtual Coach methods, automate them, and apply them in your coaching career. 

All 25 sessions will work in synergy to convert you into a reliable virtual coach and help you get your first clients. The author of this program further provides beginner-level coaches with the skills and techniques they need to establish their business in the shortest time possible and start making money. 

The author also believes that you need the practice to master any form of art. He will therefore provide you with the feedback you need to improve and hone your coaching skills. You can ask questions directly during the LIVE sessions and get the support you need when confused or stuck. 

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Who is the Creator of Virtual Coach? 

Eben Pagan is the creator of Virtual Coach. Born on December 5th, 1971, Eben lives in Santa Monica, California together with his wife Annie Lalla and he is a widely-known coach and trainer. 

After working in the real estate industry for a short time, Eben realized that he could only succeed in life if he started helping the public. That is when he started learning and applying online marketing. 

Eben was determined to reach many people and provide them with the information they needed and this influenced him to write his first self-help book. The book helped many people succeed in online marketing, and famous people like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Robbins, and Larry King interviewed him. 

Today, Eben has more than 10 brands and each of them have made over $1 million and four of them have already hit the $10 million mark. His books, online courses, and seminars have helped people establish huge businesses from scratch. Here are some of the other programs from Eben Pagan: 

–    Get Altitude 

–    Wake Up Productive

–    Make Money As A Modern Day Guru

–    Ignition

–    Guru Masterclass

–    Guru Blueprint 

–    Virtual CEO

–    Accelerate

–    Self-Made Wealth 

–    The Opportunity Book 

–    Digital Product Blueprint

Eben Pagan is known as a mentor of mentors because he has coached many individuals who are currently helping others to improve their lives. He has the magic to make everything work, whether it is life coaching or career coaching. 

What to Expect in Virtual Coach 90 Days Program? 

Virtual Coach has several modules that will teach you the advanced coaching methods you need to get more clients and make profits. Here is what you will learn. 

First Month: The Confident Coach 

In the first 30 days, you will: 

–    Get introduced to the “Achieve Avoid Act” coaching and influence model, which you need to get clients and help them improve their lives and increase their business profits 

–    Complete 8 live sessions of the Live Coach Program 

–    Establish your “productivity doubling”ritual 

–    Build the confidence you need to reach out and market your coaching business to get clients 


Second Month: Build Your Credibility 

In the second 30 days, you will: 

–    Learn the four types of credibility stories you require to build your credibility and get more clients 

–    Complete 8 live sessions of the Virtual Program 

–    Start the second “productivity doubling” ritual 

–    Identify stories from your life that can help you build credibility and motivate more clients to purchase your packages


Third Month: Client Getting Strategies 

In the final 30 days, you will: 

–    Create y our coaching package, proposal, and presentation

–    Start the creation of the content you need to attract your first clients 

–    Complete 8 live coaching sessions 

–    Work through your emotional blocks sales and marketing blocks 

–    Learn how to create value and receive value by processing the issues around guilt, shame, worthiness, or deserving

–    Build a marketing funnel

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Virtual Coach Bonuses 

Apart from the main program, Eben Pagan offers several support bonuses, which you will access immediately after you register for the Virtual Coach Program. Here are the bonuses. 


Bonus #1: Tech Tool Trainings (Worth $1,997)

This is the first bonus you will get after buying the Virtual Coach program. Tech Tool Training is worth $1,997 and they will you through the setup of online tools so that you can automate your coaching business. In addition, this bonus program will provide you with 12 online technology tools, which you will learn to use within 12 weeks. 

Bonus #2: Marketing Step-By-Step (Worth $997)

We all know that marketing skills are important for all new entrepreneurs. That is the reason Eben Pagan provides this bonus course. It will help you master the marketing skills you need to attract more customers and increase your profits. By the end of this course, you will manage to create your adverts, market your coaching programs, and create a follow-up system. 

Bonus #3: Wake Up Productive (Worth $497)

Building a coaching practice takes time and it might be full of headaches. That is the main reason Eben Pagan offers this bonus. It is a set of tools and systems that might double your productivity so that you can launch your coaching practice within the shortest time possible. You will have the hacks, principles, and methods you need to do that. 

Bonus #4: Presentations that Pay (Worth $197)

The purpose of this bonus program is to teach you the techniques, mindsets, scripts, and wordings you need to keep your coaching package attractive and interesting to clients. It will teach you how to provide coaching services in an inviting and non-threatening way. 

You will learn how to build rapport with your clients so that they can trust you as a friend. Furthermore, it will help you establish yourself as a valuable consultant and advisor and not a manipulative salesperson. And lastly, you will manage to create presentations that will influence more people to buy your services. 

Bonus #5: Digital Product Creation (Worth $24,000)

You will get this bonus immediately after registering for the new edition Virtual Coach program. The bonus might be all you need to create digital information products or your “Digital Product Marketing Library.” 

The training program will walk you through the process of identifying the information you need to identify valuable information and package it to come up with a product or course to sell to your clients. 

In the first phase of this program, the author will teach you how to identify information that people can pay for. In the second part, he will teach you how to design and create a website that sells the course and one that converts people who visit it into buyers and students. Lastly, you will learn how to get inside the minds of your target customers and establish a marketing program that gets a lot of traffic. 

The author further provides two advanced courses on developing niche websites and products. The first course will help you create super-valuable products while the second one is an advanced marketing psychology course. 

Bonus #6: One Ticket to Virtual Coach Live 

This is the climax of the new edition Virtual Coach Program. This bonus brings all the pieces together so that you can graduate and start your coaching practice. Eben Pagan gears it to both beginner-level and experienced coaches. 

The first 2 days of the live session will put together all the lessons learned in the Virtual Coach Program. In the second part, you will learn from several successful coaches about the most recent techniques, coaching models, and software tools. 

One Additional Ticket to the Virtual Coach Live 

This bonus is only available for people who pay the Virtual Coach fee in full. Paying the full amount will save you $497 and earn you one additional ticket to the Live Virtual Coach Event. The skills you will learn will provide you with the skills you need to provide quality coaching services and enable you to launch a coaching business and take it to high peaks of success. 

Pros and Cons

Like other online programs, Virtual Coach has its advantages and drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons. 

–    This program focuses on individuals who find it hard to establish their first business 

–    The author offers a lot of information on upsells, pricing, and building email marketing programs 

–    You can seek help, ask questions, discuss your marketing strategies, and extend help after joining the program 

–    The program is not industry specific 

–    The course provides insights into marketing 

–    The program deals with all aspects of coaching business 

–    The author conducts live webinars from time to time 

–    The program comes with many bonus products at no extra cost

–    It is ideal for both beginner-level and experienced entrepreneurs 

–    Eben Pagan offers adequate time for buyers to get their money back if they are not happy

–    It is expensive 

–    The program is only open a few times each year 

–    Experienced internet marketers may not find the information helpful 

Who Should Go for this Program? 

This program is an ideal choice for anyone who would want to launch his/her online coaching career. It is also a good choice for online coaches who have not committed to making their coaching businesses successful and those who committed but have not seen the success they dream of. 


Q: Is Virtual Coach Worth the Cost?

A: Yes, the course is worth the cost and it is a perfect choice for any beginner-level or advanced coach. With this program, you can launch your coaching practice and attract many clients within a short time. 

Q: How long is Virtual Coach? 

A: Virtual Coach Program is not very long. It has 25 sections which are spread out over three months. You will manage to set up your coaching practice and get your first clients within that period. 

Q: Is Virtual Coach a Scam?

A: Virtual Coach is legit. Eben Pagan has made millions selling this and other courses and this is what he is teaching people to do. 


Virtual Coach is a complete training program that will provide you with all the details you require to launch your virtual coaching business. It comes with proven scripts that you can fill to prepare your marketing and launch materials. Eben Pagan also offers a private community of coaches, therefore, providing you with a chance to connect with many like-minded coaches and get the inspiration and support you need. Furthermore, you will get many amazing bonuses to complement the training and help you launch a coaching practice within a short time. 
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