Can the approach to marketing education produce more valuable marketers?

The role of marketing has drastically changed over the past fifty years and has undergone a transformation of note. With the mainstreaming of the internet, the new technology, AI advancements, the role social media now plays in the sales cycle, and the connectivity to the world that we now have access to, marketing has evolved into a school in its own right.

Gone are the days when you bought products and services based on who was in your area alone. With access to a wide range of companies at your fingertips, consumers are even more educated than ever before, and with the endless options before them, companies need to step up their marketing efforts in order to be seen by both their customers and potential consumers. With marketing no longer restricted to traditional methods, the world is really the well-educated and innovative marketer’s oyster. In order to get the most out of the new way of doing business, companies need to constantly adapt their marketing efforts and business practices to the times and meet their customers on their terms.

This is why it is of vital importance that higher education institutions adapt and adjust their curriculums to the ever-evolving marketing world in order to provide their students with the industry insight and knowledge they need to thrive in this ever-changing environment. Without constant revision, higher education institutions would be teaching long outdated theories and practices that are no longer viable in the world we live in today. Without the correct knowledge, marketing strategies will be excessively and unnecessarily hard for the students to understand and implement going forward.

We live in a world today where practically everything is done online. From connecting with people, studying, shopping, playing games, researching, and more, everything can be done from the comfort of your home, online. This is why it’s no surprise that every business is looking for ways to showcase their brand online. But without an effective marketing strategy, marketers will be sure to fall short and not achieve the goals that they have set out for themselves. Having the necessary industry insight and knowledge gained by interacting and learning from marketing industry leaders will go a long way in helping young marketers to be a success in the field of marketing.

How the approach to marketing has changed over the years

Marketing has undergone a massive transformation over the past few years, and industry experts expect it to continue to grow and change in the ever-evolving times in order to keep up with the fast-paced sales environment and the high demand of consumer needs.

A great deal has changed since the worldwide availability of the internet. From the way businesses interact with their customers to the level of education and product knowledge your consumers have, the world of marketing has had to undergo a massive transformation in order to keep up with the times. Fifty years ago, marketers’ choice of marketing modes and methods revolved around using paper flyers, posters, and word of mouth of their consumers. Fast forward to today, where marketers not only use but have become reliant on social media, email marketing, and content marketing to convey their marketing message to the world and help promote their products and services. At first glance, it may seem as though the role of marketers has become easier over time, but with the access to marketing tools and information readily available to anyone and everyone, it has become a cutthroat environment that everyone wants to be part of. As with everything, the more competition there is, the harder it is to break into the market. Without the right tools and knowledge, marketers will fall short in delivering their desired outcomes.

The evolution of marketing

Social media, online websites, and the rise of digital marketing tools have majorly contributed to the revolutionary changes in the marketing field. With an increased focus on digital channels, businesses have had to completely change the way they market their products and services to their customers. Compared to traditional marketing techniques, the new way of marketing takes a much more holistic approach and uses the latest technology and innovations to constantly improve.

A quick glance at how marketing mediums used as marketing tools have changed over the years;

  • 1760 – 1900: magazines, posters, and billboards
  • 1900 – 1973: radio, TV, and telephone (cold-calling)
  • 1973 – 1994: mobile phones and computers
  • 1995 – today: desktop and mobile smart devices

Each stage of the marketing era demands a new mode of conveying your marketing message to your customers as well as a new course prospectus to teach the young and aspiring marketers of the day. Without the necessary higher education curriculum, aspiring marketers will be ill-equipped to enter the workforce and face the challenges that lie before them.

How can the approach to marketing education produce more valuable marketers?

Marketing is an incredible industry, and a rapidly expanding one, with the potential for growth in every sector but because of this, higher education institutions that offer marketing courses will need to constantly adapt their curriculum to ensure they are up to date with the latest industry trends and insights.

By adopting a focus on staying up to date with the latest trends and technology development, higher education institutions can future-proof their course curriculum to ensure a quality education every year for aspiring marketers. Continuously seeking out industry leaders to gain the necessary insight, reviewing and analysing each year’s curriculum, and adapting to any and all changes in the marketing field are all necessary approaches for higher education institutions to take in order to produce more valuable marketers in the workforce.

Getting certified in marketing

Technology has completely transformed the way we communicate and share information in both a personal and business capacity. With so many more ways for marketers to communicate with their customers, it’s even more important than ever for both aspiring and seasoned marketers to have a thorough understanding of the basic principles of marketing in order to adapt to any changes when they arise. Without a solid foundation in the thought process behind consumers’ behaviour, marketers will struggle to convey their brand messages effectively.

A thorough understanding of marketing principles and practices is of vital importance for the development of sound marketing strategies. This understanding can be learnt over the years on the job or through obtaining a certification in the marketing field. Being able to adapt approaches, refine success measures, and implement new marketing techniques, allows marketers to meet their customers’ needs on their customers’ terms. In today’s tough competitive environment, marketing professionals are no longer a plus to a company but rather a necessity.

Equip yourself with the necessary tools needed to thrive in today’s marketing field by choosing from a variety of online marketing courses in South Africa. Choose a course that sets you apart from the competition and refine your skillset with a choice of top-quality educational courses from UCT and GetSmarter. Depending on your marketing focus and field, they have a variety of online short courses designed to give you the upper hand in today’s tough marketing field and equip you with the necessary tools you need to succeed. Take a look at the online marketing courses offered by UCT and GetSmarter below;

  • UCT Brand Management
  • UCT Copywriting for Digital Marketing
  • UCT Digital Marketing
  • UCT Market Research, Consumer Insights and Competitor Analysis
  • UCT Marketing Online Short Course
  • UCT Product Management
  • UCT Public Relations
  • UCT Search Engine Optimisation
  • UCT Social Media Marketing
  • UCT User Experience Design
  • UCT Marketing Analytics: Strategy and Decision-Making

Final words

Marketing will continue to change and evolve as new trends and new ways of communication arise, but with a solid foundation, marketers will be able to adapt easily and implement new systems and processes without worry. By choosing a higher education institution that prides itself on delivering cutting-edge courses, aspiring marketers will be able to enter the workforce and add value from the moment they are qualified.

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