4 reasons why you should scale up your advertising budget during the festive season

By Baqar Iftikhar Naqvi

Festival time, especially from October to December, is an extremely crucial period for any online seller. Data suggest that more than 60% of all online sales happen during these three months. Online platforms also leave no stone unturned and come up with credit card offers. Sellers are coaxed to provide the best discount offers. Marketplaces ensure high traffic by increasing their advertising and luring customers to come to the platform. It becomes all the more important for sellers to scale up advertising during this season for the following reasons.

More visibility for your brand

One of the major reasons why you should scale up your advertising during the festive season is that it will give more visibility to your brand. Sellers should focus on increasing their reach to a wider audience. You can use various social media channels like Facebook, and Instagram. You will get to increase your brand visibility since these social media channels are most popular during the festive season. Many people are online during the festive season. They spend maximum time on the above-mentioned channels. It will help you to get better visibility for your brand.

You can use email marketing campaigns to reach out to your subscribers. You can also go for influencer marketing campaigns. It will help you to increase brand visibility. It will also help you to get a better brand recall. You should also focus on strategically picking the times when your brand visibility will be the highest.

High-intent shoppers translate into high conversions

Another reason you should scale up your advertising during the festive season is that high-intent shoppers translate into high conversions. During this season, most people are interested in buying gifts for their family and loved ones. They go online and start searching for the products. They are more interested in buying the product. One can assume that this group of customers is extremely high in terms of buying intent. As a seller, you should take advantage of this period by focusing your marketing and advertising efforts on this group of customers. You can also offer high discounts to further encourage them to buy your products.

Acquire new customers during the sale period

It is during this time when all marketplaces also increase their advertising and try to bring more and more customers onto the platform. Every year during this time first-time buyers even from the remotest places enticed by discounts come to these online sites and look for products. Sellers need to ensure they do not lose out on these customers due to a lack of visibility.

Ensure you do not lose out your customer to competitors

Another reason why you should scale up your advertising during the festive season is that you should ensure that you do not lose out your customer to competitors. There will be a huge amount of traffic on the platform. It will become difficult for you to convert these visitors into customers if you are not visible. You should scale up your advertising during this festive season. It will help you to get more customers and increase your sales. During the festive season, there will be huge competition among the sellers. Different sellers will use different marketing
and advertising techniques. You should also scale up your advertising to take advantage of the huge traffic on the e-commerce platforms.

The festive season is an incredibly important time of the year for e-commerce businesses. This is the time when sales are at their highest, and it is also the time when competition is fiercest. The conversion rate during the festive season is higher and so is the cost per click. Increasing sales will come at a higher cost but it is an opportunity to get more customers and the sales momentum will continue for a long as you start ranking higher in marketplace algorithms. Every seller should look for opportunities and ways to increase visibility even if that
means scaling spending to take the brand to the next level.

The author is the co-founder and CEO of Upriver

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