Why Criteo wants marketers to connect data collection and privacy

Too many marketers still haven’t prepared themselves for the loss of cookies and need to activate their first-party data in advertising so they’re not left scrambling, says Criteo global chief product officer, Todd Parsons.

The senior executive caught up with CMO while on a recent trip to Australia to discuss the state of data in advertising and how brands need to up the ante on partnering with tech and media partners if they’re going to handle the end of third-party cookies.

“A great way to think about it is this: Should third-party cookies go away as projected, the connections between brand and media owner first-party data becomes highly valuable,” Parsons says.

Given the time it takes to build a first-party data set, and to connect that data set to media, it’s important marketers and brands to act now so they have advertising scale and efficiency tomorrow, Parsons continues. And that also means building a privacy strategy and narrative.

“Because privacy is also a growing concern for consumers and government, educating people on the value they could receive for sharing [or selling] their information will become common practice,” he says.

Criteo wants to be front and centre in this solution, even if marketers aren’t quite ready to make their move. “We’ll have done our job well if we seamlessly connect brands, retailers and media owners around first-party data so the best customer experience is always delivered,” Parsons says.

The nexus between first-party data and privacy

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