Weed SEO: How To Build Backlinks To A Cannabis Brand

Backlinks are a fundamental part of growing a cannabis business today, they can be a little overwhelming at first, but they’re very worth it.

Here are some key points when building cannabis backlinks.

Build cannabis backlinks only from reputable sites: Remember, the idea is that only reputable and high-authority sites will talk about you and recommend you.

Look for connection: Look for a logical connection between the page where your backlink appears and your brand.

Avoid keyword stuffing: Keyword stuffing will only get your site penalized by search engines. Quality is better than quantity; we’ve already told you that.

Diversify your cannabis links: Don’t stay only on your home page. Generate backlinks to specific pages within your site.

Internal links: Interlinking won’t have the same effect as getting backlinks from other domains, but it’s an equally fundamental part of keeping users on your site, and web crawlers will notice it.

Focus on white hat cannabis backlinks: Organic growth is ideal. Taking shortcuts will only bring backlinks and avoidable penalties from search engines.

Quality content: A backlink is useless if the landing page has no content that inspires users to stay. If your site has unique and relevant content, it will receive backlinks more naturally and without much effort.

Link building for cannabis brands is an essential part of SEO and organic marketing. Our recommendation is to leave it in the hands of professionals and enjoy the benefits.

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