Zoya pays tribute to the feminine spirit in new brand film

Zoya, the diamond brand from Tata, has released a new brand film, Beyond – A Boundless Journey, to pay tribute to the feminine spirit as a force of nature. Seeking cues in the passage of the mighty Indus as a powerful analogy for the Zoya woman’s journey through life and an inspiration for its timeless classics, the film depicts her continuous, larger-than-life journey that traverses through genesis, conflict and turbulence and is eventually imbued in calm contentedness.

“We have a brand myth about the Zoya woman. She is very accomplished and very aesthetically astute. She could be a nurturer, a caregiver, a dreamer or an ambitious go-getter. We see her breaking free from societal expectations that define who she should be and finding joy instead in being who she truly is instead. Comfortable in her own skin, she starts to feel alive and becomes the best version of herself. Zoya is a powerful marker in this journey,” explains Amanpreet Ahluwalia, Business Head, Zoya.

The film has been crafted with the help of the Centre of Gravity, a strategic consultancy that specialises in brand consulting. Qualitative research gathered through several years of conversations with high-net-worth women indicates that this unique narrative finds great resonance amongst its audience. “Zoya understands that jewellery is uniquely positioned to receive deep personal meaning, and invests its pieces with personal significance, transforming them into catalysts that serve as powerful markers in the unique journey of every Zoya woman,” says Ahluwalia.

Ajay Ram, Design Partner & Founding Team Member, Spring Marketing Capital who directed and produced the film says, “Right from the start, this project pushed us to dream. We had to bring it to life with the same level of craftsmanship with which it was envisioned. Our story follows the Zoya woman and her riverine avatar across four chapters, each evoking a characteristic emotion. The inspiration behind the jewellery design was reinterpreted in the form of life-sized prism-mirror installations. We wanted an ethereal quality to our visuals, to conjure a landscape as nuanced as the Zoya woman. We wanted our narrative to bring alive the meaningful & layered brand world of Zoya.” With its heart in India and an eye on the world, Zoya has found great resonance amongst its niche audience across the country. Although Zoya’s goal has never been the pursuit of numbers alone, the brand far exceeded its turnover goals to cross over 140cr last year.

Over the last few years, Zoya has opened two new stand-alone boutiques and six galleries with a store-in-store concept across India. “The luxury market in India’s is growing exponentially,” says Ahluwalia, “By 2027, we expect to grow our customer base by a minimum of 5x, and have more galleries and stand-alone stores in key cities of India.” The new brand film strengthens the homegrown luxury brand’s positioning as the country’s most design-forward atelier with exceptional jewellery that is as artistic as it is meaningful. The new campaign will be showcased across social, digital, direct marketing, OOH, and TV. It will be supported by strong PR and events.

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