UR Digital drives website traffic with enhanced SEO guidance

The last few years have prompted many businesses to think more carefully about how they market themselves online. 

Standard processes are slowly becoming less effective drivers of engagement, and this has led to a massive interest in SEO.

Businesses are using SEO to improve the quality and quantity of website traffic, and the process targets unpaid traffic rather than direct traffic or paid traffic which yields better results. 

A key player in the SEO space is UR Digital, a multi-award-winning SEO agency based in Sydney, Australia. 

The business provides Done for you SEO + SEO Consulting to companies in the region and has experience across dozens of industries and verticals.

“If any product or service can be legally sold, we have most likely marketed it using SEO,” says Pulkit Agrawal, Managing Director UR Digital.

“We are also different from other providers as we do not send monthly reports, we provide all our customers with a dedicated portal, from where they can check their rankings in near real time 24/7.”

With a strong focus on the Oceania region, the company has been operating since Feb 2021 and has four expert employees. Agrawal says that they work closely with SMBs to help them navigate the online environment with SEO effectively.

“We work closely with small and medium businesses. Whilst their business are great in the offline world, the biggest challenge they face is increasing traffic and connecting with their audience.”

When looking to the future, Agrawal says that the company is working on a new marketing tool and further software enhancements to further assist in the SEO space.

“We are working on a brand new marketing tool which we believe will be revolutionary for the marketer,” he says.

“We will also be releasing a brand new software that will allow users to resize and convert images to webP, without the need for a web converter. Best of all, both these software’s will be free to the public.”

Agrawal says that UR Digital is committed to providing the ultimate SEO service experience, and its helpful insights will drive business momentum. 

He says that while customers these days are more resilient than ever, they still need solutions like SEO to enhance growth, and UR Digital can be there every step of the way.

“100% bootstrapped, profitable from day one, 100% debt free. We provide rankings momentum, one keyword at a time,” he says.

“We are a 100% honest SEO agency. We are your partners in growth.”

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