Pictory Announces 10,000 Paying Customers For Its Revolutionary Video Marketing Product

LONDON–()–Pictory, a powerful AI software tool which enables users to easily create and edit high-quality branded videos, is enjoying rapid adoption amongst video marketers.

Pictory’s suite of advanced features have proved extremely popular with the 10,000+ video marketers who regularly use the platform to significantly increase video production throughput without sacrificing quality.

With the rise of remote working and the consequent move to online collaboration via Zoom, Microsoft Teams and similar, companies and individuals are increasingly creating raw video content as part of their ‘business as usual activities’.

Marketers are increasingly realizing that video created this way, such as product demonstrations, training and presentations can be valuable assets; but if only they can be edited and distributed as opposed to left languishing on their creators’ hard drives.

Developed by entrepreneurs, engineering innovators and marketers since 2019, Pictory makes it quick and easy to repurpose long form content into short, highly-shareable branded video ‘snippets’ which are perfect for sharing across social media platforms.

By way of example, video Marketer, SEO Expert & Online Course Creator, Matt Zimmerman uses Pictory to create short snippets of screen recordings to use as marketing collateral on his website and across his social media channels.

“Previously I’d have to go and use a timeline and chop stuff out and it just took forever,” he explains in a recent interview.

The popularity of short-from content is not limited to traditional businesses, nonprofits and the faith sector are also enjoying increased reach and greater social media engagement by keeping it short.

Pastor Josh Troestor uses Pictory to create short snippets of his sermons to distribute on social media. “Not everybody has time for 45 minutes, but they usually have time for 2-4 minutes, it creates great social media engagement,” he says.

With the rise of TikTok and YouTube Shorts, it’s becoming increasingly important to be seen, and to be short.

Before Pictory, repurposing videos was often prohibitively expensive and time-consuming and therefore simply didn’t get done.

Vikram Chalana, CEO at Pictory, commented, “I’m often amazed at how much valuable video content people create and then fail to make it work for them simply because creating snippets using traditional editors is too hard. Pictory solves that problem quickly, easily and cheaply.”

About Pictory:

Founded in 2019, Pictory’s advanced artificial intelligence (AI) enables marketers to quickly, easily and cost effectively edit & repurpose long form content into short, highly-shareable branded video snippets to create engaging social media campaigns.

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