MBA vs. MSM: Which Degree is the Right Fit for You?

That’s exactly why an online program appealed to Omeed Kasim Adham Sindy, a Chicago-based systems administrator at the American Medical Association who is earning his iMSM degree at Gies. “I’m the main source of income for my family,” he said. “so I had to find a solution where I could continue to work full-time. I also didn’t want too much time to lapse between my undergraduate and graduate degree.”

Those who have just completed their undergraduate degree and have no work experience often prefer to continue to learn in a campus setting.

Who should explore a full-time, on-campus MSM degree?

An on-campus MSM degree is designed to give those with little to no work experience the business skills to make them more marketable in their chosen profession. About half of Gies’ full-time MSM students earned their undergraduate degree from another College at the University of Illinois.

A full-time, in-person MSM at Gies College of Business takes nine months to complete and costs about $40K.

How should I compare online programs?

The most innovative online MBA and MSM programs go well beyond on-demand PowerPoint presentations and lectures. They offer weekly live class sessions, interactive learning, a global network of classmates, and plenty of hands-on projects. Professors hold virtual office hours and teaching assistants provide additional support.

Look for programs with a good balance of domestic and international learners that will offer you limitless networking opportunities and real-time perspectives from the front lines of business around the world.

To personalize your experience, the Gies iMBA offers specialized pathways including Global Challenges in Business, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Innovation, Digital Marketing, Business Analytics, and Mergers & Acquisitions. Students must choose two areas of specialization and a Capstone project, which is designed to push you to think critically and apply what you’ve learned through the program.

An MSM degree, sometimes called master’s in management or MiM, is a relatively new degree in the US with strong roots in Europe. It is one of the fastest growing business master’s degree programs in the US. iMSM courses are designed for practical application – now and in the future. Optional specializations include Business Value and Project Management, Global Business Challenges, and Business Data Management and Communication.

For those who want to dive deeper into specific areas of business, learners will now be able to stack the Gies MSM into the iMBA, applying credits earned toward the full MBA and eliminating the need to repeat courses or pay unnecessary tuition. Learn more about stackability.

What are the iMBA and iMSM admissions requirements?

Learn more about iMBA and iMSM admissions metrics and requirements. Both have application deadlines in the spring and fall for January, March, August and October start dates. The on-campus MSM applications are reviewed on a rolling basis with a new cohort starting each fall.

To learn more, visit Gies’ Master’s in Business Programs.

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