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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 28, 2022 / — According to Ronn Torossian, email marketing allows a business to build relationships with customers. There are businesses whose emails customers look forward to. They want to continue to hear from businesses whose products they like and enjoy. Emails can be opportunities to win back an abandoned cart or engage with leads. They can also be designed as a welcome series that can educate customers about products. Personalized emails can be really effective; for instance, if an email displays the credit balance of a customer that they can use towards a future purchase, it might entice the customer to use the balance for a future purchase. Given below are some steps that can be taken by breweries to engage customers with their email campaigns.

Create an email list
Ronn Torossian says email lists can be purchased online but that strategy should never be adopted. Customers will be irritated by the fact that they are getting offers on products that they are not interested in. Irritating a customer is never a great way to promote a business. To build an email list, it is better to give away something. There can be offers such as memberships. Email lists can also be built at beer festivals. Customers can be offered an incentive when they sign up for the event.

Share food recipes
Torossian says this can be a really innovative strategy. Emails sent to customers can contain food recipes that can be paired with beer. An even better strategy would be to encourage customers to share their own recipes that can then be used in other emails with their permission.

Emails should be sent out on a regular basis
Emails can be sent to customers monthly or even weekly. The content of the email can include what is happening at the brewery. If there is an event, the email can include content on the event. Events can also be promoted with the help of emails. Some frequency should be maintained. If that does not happen customers might forget why they signed up for the email. They might mark the email as spam which might result in the domain name getting blacklisted. Emailing too frequently might irritate customers. They might be annoyed that their inbox is getting filled up with unnecessary mails and they might unsubscribe. Emailing twice a month seems to be the right frequency and safe for a business.

Offer value
Emails from breweries should not restrict themselves to events and promotional discounts. Emails should always offer some value. For instance, if music is played at a brewery, that playlist should be shared with customers via Spotify. Funny stories and behind-the-scenes happenings can also be shared. Customers can also be asked to suggest names for upcoming brews. Asking them about their favorite beer can also help to gain an understanding about what they like. They can also be sent wishes for traditional and unconventional holidays. Customers can also be educated on different topics such as how temperature affects the flavor of beer or from where the ingredients of a particular beer are sourced.

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