Young Actors’ Retreat Ep 3-4 Review: Hwang In Yeop, Ji Chang Wook, and Park Seo Joon deal with horror

‘Young Actors’ Retreat’ or ‘Youth MT’ from its Korean name ‘청춘MT’ brings together the casts of the dramas directed by Kim Seong Yoon. ‘Love in the Moonlight’, ‘Itaewon Class’, and ‘The Sound of Magic’ teams gathered together for a trip where the actors engaged in fun games. The first week saw them tackling some games with inter-mixed teams as they fought for the best course for dinner. In the end, it was Park Seo Joon’s team that stood first, Ji Chang Wook’s team came in as a runner-up with Kim Yoo Jung’s squad resorting to just rice and seaweed.

What followed was a keen look at actor Hwang In Yeop and Ji Chang Wook who showed their tendency to get scared easily and screamed to everyone’s delight. Ryu Kyung Soo from the ‘Itaewon Class’ team faced a similar fate as he was sent into a haunted house as a tie-breaker while actor Kwak Dong Yeon developed a fun bond with him. Meanwhile, actor Park Seo Joon was a complete boss as she surpassed all the jump scares with ease.

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