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Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) has become such a great force in driving the way informational articles are written and news is reported

In the publicity business, people are always competing to be seen in the media. Getting the attention of readers and viewers and site visitors is part and parcel of the job.”

— R. D. Hastings

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / — R. D. Hastings, a senior editor with NewsXPartners Corporation (“NXP,” a New York-based publicity firm) and a writer and former news reporter himself is reluctantly becoming an expert at SEO, and encouraging a somewhat resistant group of writers and journalists to do the same. “Search engine optimization has become an obsession in our industry, and it is overshadowing and almost obsoleting quality journalism,” he said.

“In the publicity business, people are always competing to be seen in the media. Getting the attention of readers and viewers and site visitors is part and parcel of the job that we do for the clients that we serve. It always has been. But now with SEO as a major consideration, our messaging is less creative and artistic than it has ever been. We are constrained by Google’s mysterious search engine algorithm in terms of what we say and how we can say it. It’s as if Google has rewritten all of the rules of communication for everyone.

The literary quality of a written piece is now second to its SEO viability, and the result is that content is being dumbed down and writing style – the personality of the writer through the pen or the keyboard – has become very repressed,” Hastings said. “Contemporary writers, at least the ones in the trenches with me, have largely become interchangeable. They’re writing more and more like robots.”

NXP is reaching out to the academic community to jointly conduct some scholarly research into projecting what the overall effect of SEO conformity on the quality of communications and messaging will be over the next five-year time horizon. NXP has budgeted funds in order to sponsor the research, which is anticipated to be carried out by graduate students in cooperation with some of the senior members of the NXP Writers Syndicate and some NXP publicity executives. Scholarships will be given to the selected graduate students who participate in the project.

Hastings commented, “The effect of SEO conformity on communications will directly impact every single publicity and public relations firm as well as NXP. First and foremost, we are all in the communications business. That comes even before brand-building, image development, reputation management and all of the other services that we provide. It’s not enough to provide great information anymore – it’s got to be searchable. And it gets even more exciting.

It’s going to actually change the nature of client sound bites, news releases, blog posts, everything. Those will all have to be search engine optimized. In the -same way that texting has changed language and brought us a whole new vocabulary of abbreviations, acronyms, and phonetic spellings, SEO is changing the way we serve up content and context. It’s revolutionary. You’ve got a whole new generation of young, would-be journalists advertising themselves as ‘SEO content providers’ and ‘SEO writers.’ The problem is that while they understand SEO, their actual communications skills are generally not all that strong.

Their idea is to get your client’s brand on page one of search engine results. That’s a great objective. But the bigger challenge is, as it’s always been, to have something memorable to say once you’re there. The two are sometimes at odds with each other. It will be very interesting to see what the next five years will bring for the publicity profession and our clients.”


NXP, a fast-growing national publicity firm, actually had its beginnings in 2006 as an informal behind-the-scenes association of independent writers, reporters, journalists, publicists, and public relations professionals working together to promote the reputations and branding of selected clients. At that time, the clients were predominantly privately- held companies in the Northeastern United States, and the principal media outlets being leveraged were the traditional print newspapers and magazines.

Since then, NXP has become fully national in terms of the geographical locus of its clients, and it is actively engaged in all forms of e-media, including digital publications, blogs and podcasts. It formalized its structure and incorporated in 2022.

NXP provides a full range of publicity and public relations services, encompassing branding, name recognition, image development, reputation management, media relations, competitive strategy, and a host of others.

NewsXPartners Corporation is privately held by its founding members. For more information, or to contact NewsXPartners Corporation, address correspondence to or telephone 1-516-279-2076.

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