Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps In India In 2023

Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps In India In 2023

Videos have become increasingly essential across all platforms in recent years. They no longer represent a small element of the entire marketing strategy. Instead, they have evolved into the main aspect of social media strategies and campaigns.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for video editing on smartphones has increased as bloggers, entrepreneurs, stand-up comedians, and others have to capture videos at home and then make them presentable to the audience they serve. They look for video editing apps on their iPhone or Android smartphone because not everyone can afford a MacBook Pro or learn how to edit videos.

Consumer reluctance to make an online purchase is decreased via video marketing. The amount of content producers, YouTubers, and digital business owners using the finest video editing software in India has significantly increased as a result. Video marketing is used by brands and producers everywhere, including on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat.

Creators are using it to improve engagement by creating entertaining videos. Brands, on the other hand, use it to boost their popularity and sales. When compared to photos, video content marketing is more engaging and more likely to inspire buyers to buy a product. Small Business Trends, an online publication, claims that e-commerce product videos can boost conversions by up to 144%.

Video editing is no longer considered an expert job. With the help of these video-editing apps in 2023, video editing is now a lot easier and more automatic than it once was. These days, all you need to do is install the app, upload the video, and click a few buttons, and the program will work its magic. There are several great video editing apps to pick from.

There is nothing like using moving visuals and sound in the modern day to make a lasting impression on social media. Despite this, consumers no longer interact with inferior video material. Because of this, your videos must appear polished and finished. But how can that be ensured?

The solution is to use the best video editing software. Choosing the best video editing software, though, can be confusing. We’ve compiled a list of the questions you need to consider before choosing the best video editing application in India to assist you in your decision-making process.

Not familiar with video editing apps? Are you tired to figure out which is the best video editor app? There’s nothing to be worried about. The most well-known video editing apps, however, that will flawlessly complement your next stunning Instagram Reels and WhatsApp status, are mentioned in this post. Here, We’ll discuss some of the top video editing apps.

Factors You Need To Consider While Looking For Video Editing Apps

Basic editing tasks like adding and removing video and audio clips, changing the render speed, applying filters and other upgrades, and making transitions between clips should all be available using a video editing tool.

The amount of work you will be performing with the software will define the most important factor when choosing video editing software. Beginners can use a variety of free video editing tools to get their main computing devices up and running.

But for everyone else, especially for business use, features are a crucial factor. They run at high speeds on software and rely on sophisticated robots. It was all about choosing the best in the business and relying on them because of their extensive flexibility and capacity to deliver things without any issues.

Factors You Must Avoid While Looking For Video Editing Apps

It’s important to be aware of the disadvantages of a video editing tool before choosing one. There are a few video editing apps available on Google Play and the Apple store, but you should stay away from them because of bloatware and watermarks that might not be appropriate for professional videos. It’s more challenging to concentrate on editing activities when the user interface is crowded.

So let’s jump right into the list of the best video-editing applications to help you get started without spending any more time.


  • Adobe Premiere Rush
  • Magisto
  • Wondershare Filmora Go
  • KineMaster Pro
  • Inshot
  • iMovie
  • Lightworks
  • PowerDirector
  • Viva Video
  1. Adobe Premiere Rush:

video editing apps

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS, Android

Premiere, Adobe’s popular video editor, is not only available on your mobile device, but it is also free. Adobe Rush features a Freeform editor that enables you to further modify your edits after this initial audio sync. Adobe Rush automatically tunes your movie to the music of your choosing (either Premiere Rush’s library or your own).

The program can manage several video tracks, which is a really cool feature. This makes it simple and hassle-free to produce eye-catching effects like picture-in-picture and split views.

As Premiere Rush was designed with sharing in mind, it’s simple to resize your films for various social media platforms and share them right away. You can quickly and easily repurpose your video to the specifications you need with the ability to resize to landscape, portrait, square, and 4:5. You can even publish directly to Tiktok, Instagram, and Facebook with a single click.

You may trim, drag, and drop several video and image clips directly from your mobile device’s photo and video album into Premiere Rush’s equally comprehensive video editing features to arrange them however you wish. Simply adjust the video’s pace and add the appropriate lighting before sharing the finished clip immediately on Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

Pros of Adobe Premiere Rush:

  • It’s an obvious choice for existing Adobe users.
  • For those with prior knowledge, Premiere Rush provides a familiar video editing interface, while newbies benefit from a quicker learning curve.
  • The premium edition allows for 4K exports.

Cons of Adobe Premiere Rush:

  • On the Android version, some users report crashing and exporting problems.
  • 100GB of storage space is all that is available to free users.
  1. Magisto:

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The Magisto is available on the platforms: iOS, Android, and Online. The Magisto video editor represents the advent of video automation.

You can make incredible movies using Magisto, a Vimeo service, in just three easy steps without ever taking your phone out of your pocket: Prior to selecting the photos, videos, and soundtrack from Magisto’s built-in library of music, users must first decide on your video editing technique (the kind of message you want to convey).

Using artificial intelligence, this straightforward application arranges your materials into a video that successfully communicates the message you intend to convey (AI).

Pros of Magisto:

  • Utilizing simple templates will make creating easier.
  • Logical, user-friendly interface
  • On both Windows and macOS laptops, an online version is accessible for creation.
  • A full first-year Vimeo Pro is included in the plans for experts and enterprises.

Cons of Magisto:

  • Unless you pay to premium, the “Created with Magisto” watermark will be displayed.
  • No 4K exporting or multi-track editing
  • Ideally suited for short social media clips (lesser than 3 minutes)
  • Licensed videos are only accessible to individuals having a Pro package.
  1. Wondershare Filmora:

video editing apps

Price: Starts at free on mobile | Platforms: iOS, Android, macOS, Windows

Wondershare Filmora (formerly Wondershare Video Editor) is the ideal option if you want to start with basic video editing features and have the freedom to improve as you go. For several platforms, including Instagram, the software creates films that are ready for audiences. Filmora is only available for Windows and Mac desktop computers, although the company’s mobile software, FilmoraGo, is freely downloadable on both iOS and Android smartphones.

By taking out the intricacy, “Easy Mode” in Filmora allows users to attach and place visual content, add some soundtrack, and finish producing a complete video in a short period of time. The FilmoraGo app has a lot of these choices as well as a Theme Store that allows users to include a pre-made promo, backgrounds, and transitions to their visuals.

Do you think it’s too good to be true? But you’re absolutely correct: The free version of Wondershare Filmora adds copyright to users’ videos which can only be erased by switching to their premium services.

Pros of Filmora:

  • This program is an effective choice for both beginners and seasoned video editors.
  • The desktop version of the application offers multi-track editing along with more traditional video editing features.
  • Simplified elements, emoticons, and effects are available in the mobile phone app.
  • You can integrate music and various sounds into the mobile app.
  • Relatively affordable compared to competitors like Adobe

Cons of Filmora:

  • The desktop programs are not free, although there is a trial version available.
  • If you don’t upgrade to a premium plan, videos will have the Wondershare trademark watermarked on them.
  1. KineMaster:

video editing apps

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS, Android, ChromeOS

With the incredibly powerful video editing app KineMaster, you can edit recordings on “many layers.” Why does that matter? In order to add the aesthetic depth they or their brand require to their footage, content makers are allowed to add an endless number of text overlays, photos, audio, and even free handwriting.

Additionally, there are a ton of inventive techniques to combine different pieces of footage and use double exposures to change the background. Generally, this program provides basic trimming and splitting capabilities to help your video progress just how you want it to.

Pros of KineMaster:

  • Effective features include layers, mixing modes, and multi-track editing
  • Google Play has almost 3 million reviews with an average rating of 4.5 stars.
  • Direct sharing from the app to Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube
  • 4K exports are offered.

Cons of KineMaster:

  • If you don’t upgrade to Premium, your video will have the KineMaster trademark on it.
  • Limited use of the free version’s resources
  1. InShot:

video editing apps

The InShot app is available on the platforms: iOS, Android

Sometimes all you want to do is edit a video; no complex collages or splicing. InShot is a useful app that enables you to cut, accelerate, or add music and filters to videos. Although it is quite simple, it is also very easy to use. Even though we think it’s amazing to have photos overlay, as we did with the movie here, users are welcome to incorporate a backdrop if they’d prefer.

Pros of Inshot:

  • This application is excellent for beginners and marketers who do not have a significant amount of time for in-depth video processing.
  • Choices for premium audio are available in the linked music collection.
  • You can include your own music and voiceovers.
  • The application has received over 1 million ratings and currently has a 4.8-star rating on the Apple App store.

Cons of Inshot:

  • No desktop application is accessible.
  • Only paid users or subscribers get accessibility to effects and sticky notes.
  • Your videos will include a watermark on them if you choose not to upgrade to the premium version.
  1. iMovie:

video editing apps

Apple customers who are new to making and editing videos can think about starting with iMovie, which has a straightforward drag-and-drop user interface. Quickly edit video clips while adding music and recording narration. iMovie is pre-installed on the majority of iOS devices, so you can start editing straight away.

Simplicity and quickness are two things that iMovie provides in spades. Although it doesn’t have the most features on our list, it’s definitely worth a look if you’re searching for a means to quickly and easily edit films and produce stunning results.

Pros of iMovie:

  • 4K resolution for movie-like clarity
  • Filters and effects for video
  • Audio, titles, voiceovers, and pictures
  • Templates inspired by TV and movies
  • Capabilities of a green screen

Cons of iMovie:

  • Experienced editors may become frustrated by limited features.
  • Available only on Apple gadgets
  • Accessible on iOS

Best for: Beginner iPhone and iPad video users

  1. Lightworks:

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Price: Free | Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux

In terms of apps, Lightworks is unquestionably on the more sophisticated (and potent) end of the spectrum. In fact, this tool has been used to edit a number of well-known and nominated movies, including The Wolf of Wall Street, Pulp Fiction, and The King’s Speech.

With Lightworks, you have a choice between the “Free” and “Pro” licenses. (The latter of which, as you may have guessed, involves paying money.) The main difference between the two licenses is that the Pro version provides advanced features, including stereoscopic projection and sophisticated project networking. Although it only offers 100 or so effects, the free edition is nevertheless extremely capable of handling Multicam editing.

Pros of Lightworks:

  • Lightworks has a lengthy history of use across numerous platforms, similar to Blender.
  • From the desktop software, users can access music and video without paying any royalties.
  • Users are able to export in 4K.
  • Even in the free version, there are timelines and multi-track editing.
  • For $437.99, users may purchase a license that lasts a lifetime and stop worrying about subscription renewals.

Cons of Lightworks:

  • Beginners face a very challenging learning curve.
  • There are a few options for titles and subtitles.
  • Formatting problems have been noted by users while importing video clips.
  1. PowerDirector:

video editing apps

Price: Free | Platforms: Android, Windows, macOS

Just for Android and desktop users, this powerful video editor provides a variety of artistic creation features. The program, created by CyberLink, enables you to produce 4K-quality videos from footage captured using a variety of devices.

Motion tracking, video collages, and video stabilization are examples of special features. Motion tracking enables you to focus on particular topics in each frame, while video stabilization lets you eliminate “shaky camera” instances from your movie. Using the chroma key, PowerDirector can also assist you in adding voiceovers and imaginative sound effects.

The Android app for PowerDirector offers a lot of functions that are totally free. You can spend $99 on one of CyberLink’s commercial packages to get a more comprehensive set of editing tools.

Pros of PowerDirector:

  • Robust features include keyframe controls, motion graphics, and green screen editing
  • Compared to rivals like Adobe Multi-track editing and timelines, the pricing is incredibly low.
  • The business consistently updates its library of templates and visuals for consumers to choose from.

Cons of PowerDirector:

  • Some users claim that it can be glitchy.
  1. VivaVideo:

video editing apps

Price: Free | Platforms: iOS, Android

Using VivaVideo, content creators may easily edit videos at a professional level. The program, which is available for free on all mobile devices, lets you quickly speed up, slow down, reverse, and merge movies and images. The software offers a choice of camera lenses to capture fresh, edit-ready footage right inside the app and also includes a straightforward collage- and slideshow-maker.

Pros of VivaVideo:

  • Filters, templates, and effects that are fun and trendy
  • A vast music library with a large selection of clips
  • Using multi-track editing, you can combine audio clips with music.

Cons of VivaVideo:

  • Videos are only allowed to be five minutes long.
  1. Filmr:

imagen filmr easy video editor for photos clips music 0big

On both Android and iOS smartphones, the Filmr app offers a basic video editing tool. Both novice and experienced video creators can use its straightforward, quick, and intuitive design. To make a straightforward video look great, you can apply transitions, effects, filters, and other effects.

If you want your videos to be quick, nimble, and visually appealing, head over to Filmr. Based on 8,126 reviews, Filmr has an overall rating of 4.4/5 and has been downloaded more than one million times. You can watermark videos using the free version of the software. A $15/month plan is also available.


  • You can import an infinite number of pictures and movies.
  • Video transitions between clips that are seamless and original
  • A range of fonts for standout text
  • It is simple to swap between 16:9 and 4:5, square (1:1), and vertical video formats (4:3)
  • A large, 20 million-track, royalty-free music collection
  • Exclusive filters and effects for transforming videos

Pros of Filmr:

  • The absence of adverts on Filmr is its strongest feature.
  • It has a vertical editing timeline, which makes editing videos easier than with other apps.
  • You may reorder files, photos, and audio files using a straightforward drag-and-drop operation.
  • Enables you to add music from your current files or perform a quick search to find any song.
  • Videos may be reversed, rotated, and flipped with only one swipe. To remove the watermark, view an advertisement or upgrade to PRO.
  • Export directly to any social networking app or save it to your gallery.
  • Customize the length of the text in the video’s text bar.
  • Direct video recording and editing through the app.
  • Adjust the time between changes up to certain seconds.

Cons of Filmr:

  • The Android phone lacks a redo feature;
  • The number of filters is constrained;
  • The program does not immediately allow you to make audio;
  •  The photo quality cannot be changed before saving;
  • It is unable to accommodate a variety of dialects.

NOTE: A number of effects, filters, animations, video-on-video features, and other features are available in the Filmr iOS app. If you have the opportunity to give an iPhone or iPad, you can test it out.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

  1. Which video editing tool is the best for beginners to use?

The best and most efficient video editing app on this list is iMovie. All the tools you’ll need are already pre-installed on your iPhone, and you can use them to make a special film to share with your loved ones. Use the Magisto app.

  1. Which app do YouTubers use to edit their videos on their iPhones?

If you want to edit YouTube videos on your iPhone, iMovie or Adobe Premiere Rush won’t let you down. Both of these programs are loaded with functionality, and lots of YouTubers use them to edit their videos.

  1. What is the best free iPhone video editing app that does not include a watermark?

The best free video editor without a watermark is called “PowerDirector” Your iPhone already has it installed. If you’re looking for non-watermarked third-party video editing apps for your iPhone, take a look at Filmr and InShots.

  1. For IGTV, TikTok, and other services of a similar nature, what is the best free version?

Both VivaVideo and Filmr work well for creating YouTube videos for services like TikTok and IGTV. Magisto is an excellent choice unless you want to effortlessly create quick videos.

What Is The Role Of A Video Editor?

video editing apps

A video editor is responsible for including all the features necessary to make it viewer-ready. This can be done using a variety of tools, including music, sound effects, pictures, subtitles, A-Roll and B-Roll, and much more.

MediaBistro quotes David Abrams, a video editor at Consumer Reports, who explains what video editors do: “It’s my obligation to turn a photographer’s raw footage into an engaging video.” Even if you work with a producer or use a screenplay as a guide, the editor ultimately determines the tone of each piece.

Finding the Best Video Editing App in India

Videos typically receive higher levels of engagement across platforms than images or text pieces. In the modern world, a polished and expert-looking video is a powerful storytelling tool that you must use. You can achieve that with the aid of competent video editing software.

Each of the aforementioned video editors is a fair choice with advantages and disadvantages of its own. But it’s crucial that you pick the one that matches your demands and specifications. By maximizing your ROI and retaining the interest of your viewers, the appropriate tool may up your video marketing game. So select your preferred method and deliver breathtaking video content.

Video is essential because the majority of people work from home. But if you don’t have the correct video editing app, you might upload recordings that appear sloppy and unfinished. You can be certain that a video you make with these apps will draw in, convert, and entertain your viewers. The sooner you have one, the sooner you can improve your audio/video production abilities and grow your business.

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