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Are you trying to get your team up to speed on creating and posting videos to help increase their business? Follow these proven suggestions for video marketing that will have your team more confident and generating referrals and new business.

85% of sellers want to hire a real estate agent who employs video marketing, but only 9% of agents are using video to promote their listings. Why is there a huge disconnect?  The truth is most agents don’t know how to start creating videos or even what content they should record. Agents who do implement video marketing will instantly differentiate themselves and their services.

Here are some ways to start shooting video immediately and maximize this scalable tool:

  • Start shooting customer service videos to your clients for 1:1 video. Make a one-to-one video of you communicating with a current client in escrow or with a new client you just met. Record a short, quick update to let them know the status of their transaction or to let them know it was great meeting them at your open house.
  • Create a ‘State of the Market’ update. Shoot a self-promotional video about what is going on in your marketplace. Discuss homes, sales, values, and interest rates. Use positive statistics and include the call-to-action statement. Post this video on social media platforms Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and don’t forget to email this video out to your client database as well.
  • Record educational marketing videos to help your buyers and sellers. Take your buyer guide and record 4-6 Steps in the Homebuyer Guide Video Series and post them on your YouTube channel. You can also create a video series about How to Prepare Your Home for Sale, What ROI is best for Resale and more timely and valuable topics that add value to your sphere and client base.  These educational marketing videos will help differentiate you and your services and help you compete at the highest level.
  • Shoot everyday activities and post them. Document your daily activities, whether showing houses, attending closings, or announcing a new listing. You can stay top of mind with your sphere and client database because they will continuously see you showing homes and actively working real estate every day.  Your videos can become reels or stories that show you as a successful real estate agent. Talk about different types of homes you sell and their architecture, what happens at a home inspection, a quick video of your clients at the closing table or in front of your sold sign.
  • Include video marketing in your marketing listing presentation. Making video and social media marketing part of your presentation will radically differentiate you from your competition and add better value to the consumer. Especially when we know that 85% of home sellers want an agent who uses video and only 9% of agents do.  You will be providing exactly what 8.5 out of 10 people want in providing multiple forms of video marketing of their home.
  • Client testimonials of your service. Record client testimonials of your very happy clients who will share their extraordinary service they had with you while buying or selling their homes. Your client testimonials can be shared on social media channels, your YouTube channel, your web site and part of your digital marketing brochures for buyers and sellers.

You can start creating videos and generating business from them immediately. Incorporating video marketing into your services with sellers will give you a competitive advantage and win. You can create relationships from your video campaigns and become the resource of all information pertaining to real estate. These emails, posts, digital and video strategies when implemented will start to build more and more online presence and engagement and you will be developing more and more business directly from your efforts. Don’t wait until you’re ready. Start today, start now. You will be very happy with the results.

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Sherri offers her exclusive and proven methods through custom, one to one coaching and tailored consulting services. Sherri is a highly sought-after keynote speaker delivering high energy and real solutions audiences love.  Sherri has been named a RISMedia Real Estate Newsmaker in 2020 and 2021 as an Industry Influencer and Thought Leader. She is the author of the Sherri Johnson Academy, an on-demand learning platform as well as the 90-Boot Camp. Sherri is a preferred coach, consultant and speaker for top 10 international brands and brokerages and can dramatically increase your company’s revenue and profits. Visit for more information.

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