Watch: So Ju Yeon Is Hit With Memories Of Seo Ji Hoon After Crossing Paths With Kim Min Kyu In Upcoming Youth Drama

So Ju Yeon will have to come to terms with her past wounds in “Seasons of Blossom” (literal title)!

Warning: Mentions of suicide below.

Wavve’s original drama “Seasons of Blossom” tells the story of love and friendship of 18-year-old youths at Seoyeon High School. The omniverse-style story focuses on a different main character for each of the four seasons. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same name that was serialized on Naver Webtoon since June 2020.

“Seasons of Blossom” will depict the butterfly effect that occurs when an incident from six years ago of a boy committing suicide and a girl being unable to stop him begins to affect the current teens living in the present. The story will also highlight the concerns and growth of young adults who cannot be honest and hide themselves.

Portraying “teenagers from the past,” Seo Ji Hoon plays Lee Ha Min while So Ju Yeon portrays the timid but strong Han So Mang. In the present day, Kim Min Kyu plays popular student Lee Jae Min and Kang Hye Won plays Yoon Bo Mi, the school queen. Yoon Hyun Soo plays Choi Jin Young and Oh Yoo Jin plays Yoon Bo Mi’s best friend Kang Sun Hee.

The new teaser highlights the events that unravel in the present day after Han So Mang meets Lee Jae Min, the younger brother of her first love Lee Ha Min. Han So Mang arrives at the school she hasn’t been to in six years, and her smile fades when she sees Lee Jae Min. Someone says, “He transferred last year. After what happened to Ha Min, he moved to the countryside with his mom.” Han So Mang approaches Lee Jae Min and asks him if he’s willing to be the model for her drawings. Lee Jae Min agrees, but he’s also on a mission to find out about his brother’s death.

As Han So Mang spends time with Lee Jae Min, she can’t help but recall her memories with Lee Ha Min. She says, “My memories with you are so clear that I still live in that time.” The images of the Lee brothers overlap, and she finds herself crying as she touches Lee Jae Min’s cheek while calling Lee Ha Min’s name. Han So Mang’s voiceover continues, “So I’m going to try drawing you again.” The clip ends with Lee Jae Min asking her, “Please tell me about my brother.”

“Seasons of Blossom” premieres on September 21 at 5 p.m. KST. Watch the full teaser below!

Check out another teaser here:

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