Kisra Group of Company’s to Have Big Plans in Media Production & Food Industry also they are Now launching in 5 Countries

The start of the digital marketing era can be traced back to 1993 when the first clickable web banner debuted online. Hotwired, a commercial online magazine, purchased a few banner ads to market and advertised at the time. This marked the start of an amazing and exponentially growing digital industry which integrated several novel technologies to further the marketing objectives. 

For Kisra Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd, it all started with a simple vision of tapping into the advertising and publishing sector with a discrete focus on mobile-based marketing. The firm has a seasoned team of experts which has enabled them to establish themselves as the industry leader and acquire a market share in a highly competitive market. 

Success is the culmination of dedication, passion, and zeal. Kiran Koduri, the founder of ‘KISRA GROUP OF COMPANY’S’ is the living testimony of the aforementioned statement. Mr Kiran Koduri is the Man Behind Kisra Group of Company’s. Kisra is a digital marketing and celebrity management & Promoting the Brands, adds platform mainly in the area of Celebrity Management & Influencer marketing. Kisra Digital Marketing Pvt Ltd is Now Also Launching in 5 Different country’s USA,Canada,UK,Dubai ,Philippines. We Wish Team Kisra a Heartiest Congratulations and Best Wishes for Further Growth According to Sources Kisra Group of Company’s to be launching a new sub-brand – ‘Kisra Foods’ that can be a Game changer in Food industry.  

There’s a Huge Surprise From Team Kisra on their Founder Birthday ie. 30th September. They are coming up with India’s Biggest Production House – Kisra Production in Telugu Flim Industry. On YouTube they are doing very big shows with celebrities,creators ,actors ,actresses  by the Show name Koffeewithkisra.  

Digital marketing and influencer marketing has the advantages of being popular, widespread, marketing to which people can connect to, affordability and a chance of increased brand loyalty. With a vast league of influencers with KISRA, the company focuses on converting the leads generated through the clicks from the posts and stories throughout the Instagram. KISRA has the unique selling proposition of being able to achieve the brand’s target within a time crunch along with bridging them with the advertising needs that they have. 

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