Intriguing Points To Look Out For In Seo Ji Hoon And So Ju Yeon’s Upcoming Youth Drama

Upcoming series “Seasons of Blossom” (literal title) will draw out heart-fluttering teen romances!

Warning: Mentions of suicide below.

Wavve’s original drama “Seasons of Blossom” tells the story of love and friendship of 18-year-old youths at Seoyeon High School. The omniverse-style story focuses on a different main character for each of the four seasons. The drama is based on the webtoon of the same name that was serialized on Naver Webtoon since June 2020.

“Seasons of Blossom” will depict the butterfly effect that occurs when an incident from six years ago of a boy committing suicide and a girl being unable to stop him begins to affect the current teens living in the present. The story will also highlight the concerns and growth of young adults who cannot be honest and hide themselves.

Portraying “teenagers from the past,” Seo Ji Hoon plays Lee Ha Min while So Ju Yeon portrays the timid but strong Han So Mang. In the present day, Kim Min Kyu plays popular student Lee Jae Min and Kang Hye Won plays Yoon Bo Mi, the school queen. Yoon Hyun Soo plays Choi Jin Young and Oh Yoo Jin plays Yoon Bo Mi’s best friend Kang Sun Hee.

Here are three key points to get you even more excited for the new series!

One story that unfolds in the same space, following two separate timelines

“Seasons of Blossom” depicts the story of growth in a unique way by going back and forth in time between Ha Min and So Mang, who were teens six years ago, and Jae Min, Bo Mi, Jin Young, and Sun Hee, who are present day teens. They become linked when the incident experienced six years ago by “the teenagers of the past” starts to influence the present day students. The mystery will grow more intense as viewers learn more about both timelines. Eventually, these characters will transcend time to become entangled with one another and the process through which they move forward will be relatable for viewers.

Two-toned romance of youths

There will be two types of romance shown by the innocent, emotional, and sensitive youth in “Seasons of Blossom.” The first is the secret story between Ha Min, a handsome, smart, and popular student who has everything, and So Mang, who has no presence. Despite their differences, the two grow close and start establishing their very own secret hideout.

The second romance follows Seoyeon High School’s queen bee Bo Mi, who picks the most unassuming classmate to be her fake boyfriend in order to protect her friendships. The classmate she lands on is Jin Young and the two start a cute but fake relationship. While these two-toned romances will be sad and deep, they will also be cute and innocent, enticing fans of all kinds of romance.

A collection of star youth actors in one place

“Seasons of Blossom” boasts a star-studded cast lineup, featuring young and popular actors and actresses. “Romance master” Seo Ji Hoon will star as the outwardly bright but inwardly cynical Lee Ha Min. So Ju Yeon portrays the sweet, elegant, and charming Han So Mang, who looks timid but surprises people with her bold side.

Kim Min Kyu will transform into Jae Min, Ha Min’s popular younger brother who is perfect in every sense. Kang Hye Won plays the pretty, kind, and smart Yoon Bo Mi, who thinks of her kindness as an insecurity. Yoon Hyun Soo takes on the role of gamer Choi Jin Young who appears cold and tough, but is actually very deep, honest, and unexpectedly kind. Oh Yoo Jin plays Kang Sun Hee, who has a soft heart.

Wavve’s “Seasons of Blossom” premieres on September 21 at 5 p.m. KST!

Check out a teaser below!

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