THROWBACK: When Vincenzo star Kwak Dong Yeon spoke about playing the complex Jang Han Seo

Released in February 2021, ‘Vincenzo’ grabbed the world in its unbreakable hold after premiering with a star studded ensemble. With Song Joong Ki and Jeon Yeo Been acting as leads, Ok Taecyeon was the perfect villain while Kwak Dong Yeon’s fabulous acting impressed the masses as they went back and forth between hating his character and feeling pity for him. Jang Han Seo was a character with many aspects to his role and was well executed on screen.

During an exclusive conversation with Pinkvilla, the actor was asked about his decision of choosing the K-drama, to which he said, “The reason why I decided to appear in ‘Vincenzo’ was because of my love and trust for director Kim Hee Won and writer Park Jae Beom.” He continued with “I believed that working with a great writer and director would bring outstanding results.”

While playing Jang Han Seo, the actor surely must have had quite a challenging time grasping his emotions as well as working on maintaining the slightly disturbed side to him. Kwak Dong Yeon dished about taking on such a role with utmost sincerity and putting on a mask-like facade to embody the character, “The character Jang Han Seo shows a big change on his own because he has a clear past history and the part of his life dealt with in ‘Vincenzo’ is very dynamic. After playing this character, it seems like it takes some time for the character’s emotions to disappear.”

Kwak Dong Yeon has since continued to test himself with varied roles, often being praised for his severity of character understanding. He is currently playing as Jerry in the Lee Jong Suk and YoonA starrer ‘Big Mouth’.

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