The Director of Film ‘The Greatest Beer Run Ever’ gives an in-depth interview, the Head of Apple TV+ Video Marketing Departs & More

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For the first time since launching eventual Best Picture Oscar winner Green Book five years ago, writer-director Peter Farrelly returns to the Toronto Film Festival with another drama built around an obscure and difficult to be believed but fact-based road trip set in the turbulent 1960s.


The Greatest Beer Run Ever is the story of Chickie Donohue (Zac Efron), a patriotic longshoreman from New York who in the late ’60s was a gung ho supporter of the Vietnam War effort. He essentially embraced a suggestion made by the bartender at their local watering hole (played by Bill Murray) to travel by boat to the jungles of ‘Nam to track down soldiers from the neighborhood and bring them cans of beer and show the boys they hadn’t been forgotten back home.


This harebrained tour becomes a wakeup call to Donohue about the terrifying things that are really going on over there. Russell Crowe plays a war correspondent who helps Donohue, and exposes hard truths about the lies the U.S. government are feeding to the American public about a fruitless war that is quickly spinning out of control and putting young men through the grinder.


On September 30 the film will debut in theaters and streamed on Apple TV+. For those interested in this story, check out Deadline’s in-depth interview with director of the project Peter Farrelly.


Stephen Fry Joins the cast of ‘The Morning Show’


It’s being reported by Deadline that Stephen Fry will be joining the cast of Season 3 of the Apple TV+ series “The Morning Show.’ Fry will play Leonard Cromwell, a ruthless United Broadcast Association (UBA) board member working to steer the company through troubled financial waters. The third season of series, executive produced and starring Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon, and produced by Media Res, is currently in production.


The Head of Video Marketing for Apple TV+ Resigns


Van Amburg joined Apple in September 2018, a year prior to the launch of Apple TV+, and led marketing strategy for the streamer. Projects launched during his tenure include the Emmy-winning comedy series “Ted Lasso” and the Oscar-winning coming-of-age film “CODA.” Before Apple, he worked at Sony Pictures Entertainment for 13 years, where he most recently served as senior vice president of marketing.


After a four year stint, Chris Van Amburg announced that he is leaving Apple. The Deadline report presents Van Amburg’s memo bidding farewell to his team where he stated that he wanted to spend more time with this family.


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