Post-Covid B2B Sales: 5 Digital Strategies That Work

The Covid-19 pandemic has played a pivotal role in how businesses conduct their affairs today.

One of the areas indelibly impacted is the sales and marketing departments of most enterprises.

According to BigCommerce, online sales saw a spike of 25% as a result of the pandemic.

Thus, businesses must embrace digital sales and marketing methods to leverage this new development.

However, for some companies, training, retaining, and running a sales development department along these lines can be a bit of a hustle.

Not only is turnover in this sector high, but your personnel needs to always be up to speed on best business practices.

Consequently, modern-day business savvy managers prefer to outsource this function to professional Sales Development Representatives (SDRs).

These SDRs may train you on how to retain your workers and effectively train them.

If you wish to offload the sales function entirely, a professional SDR will also handle your sales strategy, including the ad-tracking process.

Here are the top five digital marketing strategies that your company’s SDR team should consider in this modern age.

1.Virtual events

Organizing virtual educational events is one of the common digital marketing methods in use today.

It may include educational webinars and video conferencing.

The beauty of virtual events is that you can customize the experience and increase brand engagement.

The event planner can set up the schedule in a way that enables remote attendees to personalize their event experience by allowing them to select the sessions they want to attend.

You could also opt to set up multiple networking opportunities, including gamification, and providing a variety of content types.

It’s crucial to remember that the more broad your content, the more diverse your audience will be.

And since not everyone learns similarly, it will be easier for the audience to relate if you can develop content that speaks to various learning methods.

These may include downloadable pdfs and interactive demonstrations.

2.Email marketing

Want to reach new clients using the most affordable digital marketing method? Why not try email marketing?

Email marketing lets businesses update their prospects and existing clients about new products, sales, and other information.

It is a direct marketing method that paves the way for one-on-one interactions with your clients and prospects. It involves using warm leads of recipients likely to be interested in your offerings.

However, most businesses run into hurdles when it comes to generating a list of warm contact leads.

For that reason, it is perhaps necessary for you to consider enlisting the help of a professional who will provide you with customized contact lists.

These are vetted contacts of industry players with a high likelihood of buying your products or services.

Although email marketing has been around for a while, modern email marketing emphasizes consent, segmentation, and personalization.

With the advent of marketing automation, it is a quick and effective strategy that increases sales while fosteringlong-term brand engagement.

3.Omni channel marketing

Omni channel marketing uses integrated digital channels to promote your products or services.

It may involve publishing consistent messages, images, and positioning statements across various digital platforms and devices.

In other words, your business gives customers a seamless brand experience by ensuring that your brand is presented consistently across all platforms.

It is worth remembering that omnichannel marketing initiatives also benefit your sales and customer service teams.

Customers will know to anticipate a similar experience for their purchasing and customer support experiences if you make it clear that you are present across all channels.

Before tackling other platforms, focus on your website and social media outlets and get those under control.

Make sure you post frequently and respond to users who contact you through those methods.

Users will notice if you frequently interact with them on Instagram but don’t respond to them on Facebook.

If you concentrate on one while ignoring the other, your brand will appear inconsistent and unprofessional.

4.Cold calling

Cold calling is communicating with a stranger either via telephone call or in person with the aim of informing them of your products.

Unlike email marketing, cold calls typically target individuals who have never dealt with you or purchased your products.

Cold calling is much more effective than other means of advertising and direct mail.

It allows you to approach customers directly rather than awaiting their arrival.

Should your marketing team master cold calling, your company may leverage it to enhance your brand reputation.

Ordinarily, getting interested consumers may pose a challenge. That is moreso if you do the cold calls randomly or haphazardly.

However, with organized cold calls, you get to work with a contact list of warm prospects.

That saves you a ton of time as you will only be speaking to key decision makers within your target market, thus heightening your likelihood of landing a sale.

5.Optimize content for mobile

Making your online content as mobile-friendly as possible is yet another smart digital tactic you could deploy to boost your sales.

Mobile marketing focuses on promoting goods, services, and mobile applications on devices such as smartphones, ipads, and tablets.

Its main benefit is that it establishes a personal channel with a wide range of customizing choices between the advertiser and the viewer.

The widespread use of smartphones has fundamentally altered how consumers access information and how they shop.

Creating a mobile marketing plan is essential for the success of your digital marketing campaign because mobile devices drive a significant amount of traffic.

Finding the most critical components of your marketing campaigns and bringing them to your users’ mobile devices is all it takes to adapt your digital tactics for mobile.

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