Southern California Digital Marketing Agency Advertises Its SEO Services To Clients

Sprinkles founders Jess Park and Tyler Eisenhart

Southern California digital media agency Sprinkles Media recently offered an inside look at SEO and how it affects businesses worldwide

Have a good SEO strategy in place for next month? What about next year? When running a business, nailing down the basics of local, organic SEO can make all the difference in digital marketing pushes”

— Jess Park

IRVINE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 30, 2022 / — Digital media startup, Sprinkles Media, well established for helping large and small businesses achieve marketing goals, further explained search engine optimization (SEO) and its impact online.

What Makes A Good SEO Strategy, an exhaustive primer regarding search engine optimization, Sprinkles Media takes a deep dive into what businesses should focus on to boost exposure to a particular audience.

“A good SEO strategy helps a company grow its online traffic, rank higher in search engines, and score new leads. However, not every SEO strategy is the same, especially for different companies in specific industries,” explains Jess Park, CEO and co-founder of Sprinkles Media.

“For example,” Park continues, “the SEO strategies for an iconic medical practice will likely differ from a home repair and reconstruction company.”

“SEO has many moving parts, meaning that things change almost as quickly as Google’s mysterious algorithm,” Park says, hinting at Google’s algorithm, which is known to change the parameters and factors of what ranks on Google SERPs.

With this SEO guide, readers interested in SEO, or companies looking to understand what it’s all about, will quickly get answers.

All About SEO

“Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of a digital marketer’s greatest and most powerful tools,” says Park. “Have a good SEO strategy in place for next month? What about next year? When running a business, nailing down the basics of local, organic SEO can make all the difference in digital marketing pushes,” says CMO of Sprinkles Media, Tyler Eisenhart.

And it’s not all talk; SEO greatly grows brand awareness for companies worldwide. SEO is an ever-changing landscape that forces SEO experts to constantly modify and change their tactics to ensure constant brand growth.

And Sprinkles Media team is no slouch and doesn’t rest on laurels. With clients, the team goes over different SEO strategies, how to enhance the reach for certain businesses, and staying ahead of the competition. A solid way, says Sprinkles Media, is through building backlinks, a vital part of any successful SEO push.

“Building backlinks ensure SEO success. A backlink, or a link from outside your domain linking to your page, acts as an endorsement. Search engines will recognize your authority, especially if the backlinks come from trusted sources on specific topics. If you have industry experts ‘ links, Google will favorably view your page.”

“Link building is the way you acquire backlinks. Focus on different ways to build backlinks. For example, you can create SEO press releases, linking to a site and specific pages. However, just make sure the content is newsworthy! Another example is tapping into your networks and agreeing to link to other sites if they, in turn, do the same for you.”

Through practices like website development and branding, Sprinkles Media harnesses a company’s strengths to build an online buzz. But, most importantly, it’s about connecting customers with a solution they’re looking for.

Summit Health And Sprinkles Media

In an ongoing, successful partnership with East Coast medical practice Summit Health, Sprinkles Media scored massive online victories for the company. Summit Health’s Andy Cheng explains:

“The problem that we had at Summit Health, and also our other brand, CityMD, was even though most of our traffic was coming from organic [search results], we didn’t have a way to improve upon it. We didn’t monitor it, and so we needed to do something about increasing our overall organic search results.”

Sprinkles Media, through SEO efforts, delivered.

“When working with Sprinkles Media in 2021, the practice had 152% growth in first-page keywords on the Google search engine results page. It’s a win-win.”

Impressive in its own right, considering how massive the online medical space is, Sprinkles Media’s efforts are enhanced tenfold.

The World Of Digital Marketing With Sprinkles Media

Digital marketing is a massive field; SEO makes up only a part of it. Sprinkles Media understands this well and states that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing.

“No business is exactly like another,” says Park. “A New Jersey medical company will have different goals than a Southern California home repair business,” referring to longtime clients Summit Health and Five Star Restoration.

The startup, now two years old, was founded by digital marketing veterans Tyler Eisenhart and Jess Park. The two vowed to change what they saw as outdated and out-of-touch marketing practices, specializing in website building, advertising, and marketing.

“When we work alongside clients, we ensure they have a significant say in what happens with SEO. We combine our SEO expertise with old-fashioned customer service. But we make sure that it’s a partnership,” says Eisenhart. “We have the tools to help them get exposure, but the clients have the last word. It is their business, after all.”

And with its bevy of services, Sprinkles Media can’t go wrong.

More About Sprinkles Media

Sprinkles Media is a digital marketing startup launched in January 2021. Sprinkles Media offers a comprehensive, holistic marketing approach, covering every aspect of digital marketing.

For more information on Sprinkles Media, visit the official site.

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