5 in-demand digital-marketing jobs in Malaysia

Digital marketing is a crucial business tool in this day and age when every organisation needs to build an online presence. (Envato Elements pic)

In a day and age when every organisation needs to build an online presence, digital marketing has become a crucial business tool. This is good news for job seekers as there’s huge demand across industries right now, regardless of whether you veer towards management, creative content, or tech support.

Here’s a rundown on the most popular digital-marketing jobs in Malaysia, plus how much you can expect to earn.

1. Content managers and strategists

Content management touches on almost all levels of marketing, and encompasses much more than writing and social-media activity.

Managers need to not only understand how to create search-optimised content but how to organise, store, and manage it effectively. They should know how content feeds into different subsets of the company’s marketing plan, and how to develop and share assets on the right channels.

Content managers may take charge of social-media strategy, head a team of writers, form an effective editorial calendar, create engaging videos, and/or report and strategise using analytics, in addition to a whole range of related activities.

To do this, they need to coordinate teams and work with a diverse range of clients, and be good at relationship building.

Earning potential: RM50,000 and upwards annually.

2. SEO/SEM specialists

Search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) are crucial for solid digital-marketing campaigns. But SEO and SEM can be difficult to specialise in, in part because search-engine algorithms are always fluctuating.

E-commerce sites and those that depend on website traffic for profit will be particularly dependent on a strong and harmonious SEO/SEM strategy.

Content managers and specialists need to coordinate teams and be good at relationship building. (Envato Elements pic)

According to “SEO Basics”, the demand for SEM specialists is growing at almost 100% per year, while the demand for SEO specialists keeps increasing to the extent that there’s a skills shortage in the job market.

Earning potential: RM80,000 annually, and up to RM100,000 a year for those with more experience.

3. UX designers

User-experience (UX) designers are responsible for the end-to-end development of websites and digital-marketing applications. They usually have a technical background or experience in high-end design.

UX designers need to understand audiences as well as have an in-depth knowledge of the product or service being sold through a website. Their role is integral to optimising an e-commerce platform to entice prospective customers to browse and buy.

They typically take the lead when it comes to visual design and testing, keeping a keen eye on the functionality of a website or application to improve overall user experience.

Earning potential: RM60,000 annually.

4. Email marketing specialist

This is a specialised area of content development and marketing, usually conducted by those with experience in copywriting and editing.

You’ll need to write persuasively and understand how to create an effective marketing strategy. You will also be in charge of campaigns, launches, and public-relations activities based on an extensive database of customer data and lists.

The quality of your email contacts is key, so it’s crucial to know ways to grow your database.

UX designers keep a specific eye on the functionality of a website or application to improve overall user experience. (Envato Elements pic)

Email marketing is primarily a lead-generating activity, so specialists would work in cooperation with digital marketing and/or content managers on targeted campaigns.

Earning potential: RM50,000 annually.

5. Digital marketing managers and directors

An effective digital-marketing manager or creative director must have a solid grasp of everything to do with promotions and commerce. They need to have proven experience in overall planning and execution, including strategy creation and financial forecasting.

Anyone in this position must be able to delegate while taking risks, hold firm to decisions, and plan for the future through leadership.

Earning potential: RM120,000 annually on average, and up to RM150,000 for the most experienced.

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