Top 4 Free QR Code Generator In 2022 (Ranked And Compared)

The popularity of QR codes has recently skyrocketed to digital stardom, despite being around for many years. During the pandemic, QR codes became a necessary part of life. Businesses everywhere adopted the technology for quick and easy tracking of supply chain and consumer purchasing a timer. The use of free QR codes for social media marketing has revolutionized how we interact with information. 

The renewed success of QR codes comes from their ability to promote almost anything, including websites, portfolios, and restaurant menus. You can use a created QR code to store the information you want. There are plenty of QR code generators on the market you can use for free. The best QR codes are associated with security features. With several free QR codes available, we’ve compiled a list of the 4 best QR generators, including free and premium options, to help you choose the best. Here is a detailed comparison of the best QR code generators in 2022.

Top 4 Free QR Code Generator In 2022

  • QR Code Monkey: Best Overall QR Code Generator
  • Scanova: A More Robust Tool For Large-Scale Qr Code Marketing Campaigns
  • Go QR: Best Free Code Generator
  • QR Tiger: Best With An Easy-To-Use Interface

Features Of The Best Free QR Code Generator – QR Code Monkey

  • Multiple scans
  • Analytics
  • Multiple QR codes and QR code types
  • Customizations 
  • Multiple export formats

QR Code Monkey

  • Bulk import feature
  • Free code generator
  • Codes can be downloaded instantly


  • URL data type 
  • 14-day free trial
  • Dynamic QR code


  • Create QR codes for free
  • High-quality codes for commercial purposes
  • You can create colored codes
QR Tiger
  • Sign up to use the software
  • Track data and create dynamic QR codes for professional use 
  • Make awesome custom designs

Top 4 Free QR Code Generator In 2022

QR Code Monkey

QRCode Monkey is a free online QR code maker that generates high-resolution QR codes and offers powerful design options. It’s one of the best QR generator tools you can use for free. The tool is highly versatile and offers many choices in terms of QR code content, logo image, colors, and the overall look of the code.

  • It allows tracking scans of dynamic QR codes
  • The codes generated automatically are 100% free and can be used for commercial purposes 
  • Has a bulk import feature to download generated codes in print quality formats 
  • You can get insights into your target group’s country, city, or language
  • The free trial has limited options
  • It needs a modern HTML5 capable browser to create HTML code

QR-Code Monkey is one of the most famous QR code generators that are free to use. This means every generated QR codes are 100% free without extra fees or charges. Millions of people have credit codes using this tool because of its unique features. Some unique features include custom design and colors, high-res QR codes, robust design, and a lifetime of unlimited scans. It comes with unique features that have made it popular on the market. Among its features include the ability to create QR codes in high-resolution graphic formats. You generate QR code without an expiration date as it will work forever. It is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Incorporated in the US and other countries.  There is also a QRCode studio that generates dynamic QR codes for your organization or business.


Scanova is a robust tool for larger-scale QR code campaigns. It lets you create visually appealing QR codes that can help increase scans and generate more leads. Scanova is best suited for businesses ready to invest in QR code campaigns.

  • Ease of navigation and use 
  • It provides a 14-day free trial
  • This is a dynamic QR code that allows you to modify the code after going live 
  • It offers a free template to use 
  • Allows integrating QR code generation with your system or mobile app using API
  • It does not allow creating a satisfactory mobile device landing page 
  • The paid plans are a bit expensive for startups

This is one of the best QR generators for large businesses. It offers high-quality QR code generation and management, helping create dynamic codes. The tool provides custom mobile landing pages with plenty of template options. You can use Scanova to build custom landing pages with multiple templates. It’s one of the best QR code tools with easy navigation as it comes with an easy-to-use interface. With this bulk QR code generator, you must create an account before using it. There is also an app for generating codes and plenty of instructions if you make a mistake only working on a code. It allows you to combine images and semi-transparent QR codes and create password-protected ones.


This QR code generator pro offers free service when looking to generate QR codes. It creates high-quality QR codes that can be printed for commercial purposes. Besides the black and white version, you can also create a colored QR code in a Google Sheet.

  • The software offers integrations, including API access 
  • It allows the creation of color and monochrome QR codes
  • The tool provides a QR-server tool
  • It offers detailed scan statistics and user location data
  • It doesn’t have an SSL certificate.

Go QR works with small businesses, enterprises, mid-size businesses, and government organizations. It provides a variety where you can print QR codes on merchandise using vector graphic software. This QR generator allows you to work with a QR code text and other data, such as advertising messages, telephone numbers, and business cards in vCard format. You can use this tool to create colored and monochrome QR codes. When creating a colored code, ensure that the contract is sufficient and the color result is not negative. Once you create QR codes, you can embed it directly on your website. The QR code generator also provides a QR-server tool with features like dynamic QR codes, detailed statistics, and user location data. However, the tool doesn’t have the fancy features compared to other QR code generators.

QR Tiger

This popular QR code generator helps create different QR codes such as dynamic and static QR codes. It is the best free QR code tool with a minimalistic and easy-to-use interface. QRTiger Has a wide array of QR code solutions for specific purposes.

  • Easy and flexible to use
  • Comes with the data tracking features
  • Great customer support
  • Easy to integrate into your side
  • The web page UX is poor
  • Android device’s navigation is difficult

QR tiger gives you total control over your QR code campaign, allowing you to create customized QR codes. It has a QR code generator with an easy-to-navigate, user-friendly interface that allows you to create QR codes in a matter of seconds. This software stands out for providing a highly custom QR code experience. It is the perfect software for many businesses as it can integrate with over 3,000 apps. The software offers high-quality data tracking and real-time editing feature. The QR codes don’t carry out because they want to give customers a private experience. They are a registered trademark of the Denso Wave site protected by reCAPTCHA.

QR Code Tips For Business Usage

You can use the QR codes created to improve local listings with your business. Select the business page QR code and add your business information, such as their contact details, address, and website URLs such as the Twitter URL or YouTube URL. Shorten the Facebook URL, enter the QR code readers, and customize the experience according to your tastes and needs.

QR codes work extremely well on business cards with a QR code scanner. You can quickly add your contact details to the vCard QR code. Another alternative is to add an interactive element, such as a QR code, to your brochures and flyers. It will act as a digital button that allows you to interact with your customers and urges them to take action. You can also put your logo upload in the QR code for additional branding. Alongside the company logo, you can add brand colors that enable you to create custom QR codes. Decide the placement of the QR codes carefully. A well-designed QR code can get more scans and increase traffic. Use a frame with a Call To Action text when designing your QR code that describes the purpose of the code. Use the right QR code size with a minimum of at least 2 x 2 cm, ensuring good color contrast.

Pros And Cons Of Using Free Dynamic QR Codes

The main advantage of QR codes is their versatility because you can use them for anything and everything that can be used. You can use the free QR code to share information, lead customers to your website address or landing page, and manage your email marketing list. Matching the unique URL with your QR code on Google Maps helps guide clients to your website and can increase web traffic and sales. Since the QR code can direct customers to your online platform, you can use it to track audience engagement. Businesses also use QR codes free to keep printing and marketing costs down. You won’t have to print marketing materials like brochures, flyers, or other signage ads. The code can help you read and track data for email marketing or mobile marketing and get customer feedback. 

While they’re convenient, the QR codes are not foolproof. . The disadvantage of QR codes is the lack of familiarity with the public. You will need to communicate to your customers why you are using the code and what they must gain from scanning it. It also demands high maintenance. Customers without access to a phone camera that can read QR codes may be affected. Using QR codes can also affect two-way communication because the customer only scans and codes. Luckily, every QR code can have an error correction of up to 30%.

Final Thoughts

A quick response code (QR code) is the way to go in creating a link between real-world products and the internet. There are plenty of QR code generators on the web, each with an error correction level and masking possibilities. . You must choose the best QR code generator that benefits your needs. The best code generator gives you many options for using the code and is compatible with almost all mobile QR code reader apps. This article has reviewed industry-leading QR code generator tools and compared them against one another to help you make an informed decision. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a QR code?

This is a 2D barcode containing data in both dimensions and can store numeric and alphanumeric encoded information through a dot matrix.

What is a QR code generator?

This software generates QR codes containing a small package of data, such as website URL or Facebook URL, PDF file, image file, checkout portal, or social media account such as a Facebook page.

How do you create a QR code for your business card?

You can easily create a QR code for your business card with a QR code generator. After designing the code, the QR code image and attach it to the business card.

What information can you include in the QR code?

Incorporate information that directs customer promotions, discount coupons, videos, and contact information.

What are the types of QR code generators?

There is a static and dynamic QR code generator. You cannot change the static QR code type once they go live, while you can modify data in the dynamic code generator even after going live. There is also the custom QR code generator that allows you to create custom QR codes.

How long are QR codes valid for? Is there a scan limit?

There are no limits and the credit QR code will work forever. You can see your QR code preview to ensure it is working properly before you scan QR codes.

Can a mobile phone scan the QR codes?

Yes, a mobile device such as an Android smartphone or iPhone can scan all your QR codes. If it doesn’t work directly, install a third-party QR code scanner from your app store to help with QR code scans.

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