Looking To Mount Your Business To The Next Level? FloridaYum Is All You Need As A Top Digital Marketing Agency

After local food establishments shut shops in the state of Florida during the pandemic, a group of food lovers decided to launch a digital marketing agency to up their game again.

How many times have we heard about businesses being launched after a great disruption around the world? Generally, it has been the other way round, where companies and brands have had to close their establishments due to low customer volume or no business at all, but this time, something different happened in the state of Florida, as a few food lovers gathered to create something they could be proud of and most importantly help businesses flourish in the years to come. We are talking about FloridaYum, which was initiated in 2022 by a group of three FAU students with only $3 in their pockets out of a two car garage.

Wonder how all this took place? Well, a few local food lovers in Florida couldn’t see how the businesses had to experience the brunt of a pandemic, where they saw their favourite restaurants, which they had loved since their childhood, closing. To not let such situations and circumstances hamper any other local business, they came up with the idea of FloridaYum, a digital marketing agency to help thrive these businesses and help prevent this from happening to any other local businesses in Florida.

Not having enough business to continue keeping it open has proved to be a nightmare for entrepreneurs. The three founders of FloridaYum very well understood their plight and thought what better than social media to use as a tool to marketing these businesses and leading them to great exposure and reach. They started FloridaYum from scratch, but today in just a few months, they are already a growing business. As a top digital marketing agency, they create and curate unique digital strategies to produce real and tangible results for their client’s business online.

Initially, one of its founders had started a foodie page in Las Vegas and saw how people loved the food content, which led to the page earning over 200K followers. Soon, he created a Florida foodie page with two other friends to further up the game of local establishments in the state.

FloridaYum (@floridayum) continues to soar high in the digital media space. Find out more about it through the website,

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