2022 DMEXCO conference to host 15 summits

According to media brands, such as the Handelsblatt Media Group and brand eins, it will also be holding its own events live in Cologne.

For the very first time, DMEXCO says that it will host a DOOH Summit, where the most important players in the market will come together to discuss future developments in this sector.

Deep dives instead of small talk
The DMEXCO Conference says that the most important topics on the digital agenda will be discussed.

The conference will be arranged into four distinct ‘worlds’:

  1. World of Agencies
  2. World of E-Commerce
  3. World of Media, and
  4. World of Tech.

DMEXCO visitors will be able to experience around 15 star-studded summits within these worlds and on the main stages.

For example, the World of E-Commerce will place an emphasis on the topics of direct-to-consumer and social commerce. As for the World of Media, retail media will be one of its focuses, while the Agency Stage will see agency professionals discussing the challenges faced by the creative industry today.

The DOOH Summit
The fast-growing market of Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising will also be represented in Cologne, says the summit.

According to the summit the latest developments in this segment will be discussed in the World of Media — together with:

  • the Institute for Digital Out-of-Home Media (IDOOH)
  • IDOOH members Ströer, Goldbach and the Digital Media Institute (DMI), and
  • WallDecaux.

After 2021 proved to be the most successful year in the history of Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising, the industry is full of confidence for the future, says the summit.

According to the DMEXCO DOOH Summit, not only will the technological developments in DOOH advertising take centre stage, but so will their future role in the media mix and integrated programmatic marketing strategies.

“Together with IDOOH, DMI, Goldbach and WallDecaux, the very-first DMEXCO DOOH Summit will be an opportunity for us to present the only genuine wide-reaching digital medium in all its facets,” says Andreas Heintze, SVP public video at Ströer Media Solutions.

Heintze adds, “DOOH advertising is currently undergoing one of the most exciting developments in the entire advertising market. And the strong demand for DOOH is not abating. Among other reasons is because customers can now order their advertising in a completely digital, programmatic and automated way.”

The brand eins Summit: ‘Optimism in tough times’
According to brand eins, the global economy is in a state of upheaval; environmental issues and world politics are presenting increasingly complex challenges to companies. Brand eins says that it will be exploring how to stay motivated and ahead of the competition in such a difficult market climate.

Holger Volland, CEO of brand eins Medien AG, adds that he is looking forward to the collaboration.

Holger says, “Embracing change is one of the key qualities of successful people. That’s exactly what brand eins has done since day one. At DMEXCO, I’ll be talking to changemakers about how courage and creativity can help prevent us from despairing in such times.”

The Handelsblatt Media Group Summit
Standing still has never been a good idea, says Handelsblatt. According to the Media Group, businesses have to understand that and be proactive if they want to overcome crises and be successful over the long term in this day and age. Above all though, they have to continuously progress.

The Business Circles panel hosted by the Handelsblatt Media Group will aim to shine a multi-perspective light on what role marketing plays in this transformation and what that might look like in practice.

“Whether advertising messages or corporate values, marketing communication is often about nuances. It takes professionals to not only do business successfully or drive a transformation forward but also to actually be recognised for this success,” concludes Christa Catharina Müller, editor-in-chief of Absatzwirtschaft.

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