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NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, July 27, 2022 / — With the right strategies and tips, any business can start accelerating and growing. However, before looking into the specific strategies, companies first need to have a good understanding of their target market, and only then can they start implementing some of the marketing strategies and tips that are outlined below and generate positive results.

According to Ronn Torossian, it’s incredibly important these days that companies don’t solely use tools for generic automation of various tasks. The main reason why companies need to avoid doing so is that most consumers tend to respond a lot more positively to personalized or customer experiences. That means personalization efforts can greatly contribute to engagement rates as well as customer satisfaction. However, it’s important to note that the personalization shouldn’t be taken too far to the point where the consumers start feeling wary of the business because they think they’re being stalked in digital spaces. It also shouldn’t be superficial to the point where the only personalization a consumer comes across is seeing their name in the opening line of an email newsletter they’ve decided to subscribe to. That means companies must invest in learning more about the target audience, their wants, interests, needs, and pain points. Only then can a business figure out the right balance in terms of personalization efforts, which can be utilized in everything from email marketing, to product recommendations, and even personalized content that’s going to answer any question a customer might have about the business or its solutions.

Torossian says Another great marketing tool that companies have always been able to rely on both in the past and today is email marketing efforts and email newsletter subscriptions. Both of those marketing efforts can be used when companies want to invest in engaging the customer base and keeping each customer coming back for more. They can be used to keep the subscribers up to date with the latest product sales or promotions, or even what’s going on with the business and upcoming product launches. Email campaigns are also very useful in generating feedback from the customers by sending them surveys and asking them to fill them out in exchange for something of value. Not only that but email marketing efforts and newsletters are also quite cost-effective in terms of marketing efforts and companies also have the opportunity to automate large segments of the tasks that are involved with both of them.

Real-world and digital
It’s important for companies to bring both of their online and offline marketing efforts together. A great way to do that is by simply sending out coupons to all the customers a company has, and then having them use those coupons both in-store and when making purchases on the company’s business website. With the help of this strategy, companies can generate a lot more website traffic as well as more foot traffic and sales in their brick-and-mortar stores. However, going beyond that strategy, companies also have to think about how they can unify all of their touchpoints with the customers both offline and online. What that means is that businesses need to ensure every single interaction that a customer has with the company is going to be similar and seamless. More specifically, if a company starts using a specific logo inside its brick-and-mortar stores, it should be using that same logo on its website, inside email marketing campaigns, as well as the social media platforms it is using. That way, it’s going to be a lot easier for potential consumers to take note of the business and remember it, so whenever they need to make a purchase of something that the company provides, they’ll immediately have a reference point and can look up the business quickly to make that purchase.

Affiliates and Subscriptions
According to Ronn Torossian, some businesses might have a difficult time finding the right marketing tool or strategy that’s going to help in their growth, and that’s precisely where some form of passive income can become incredibly helpful. One of the ways that companies can do that is by utilizing subscription services or affiliate sales. That way, the company gets to generate some sort of revenue regardless of how its marketing efforts are performing, while still marketing the company through both of those means. For affiliate sales, companies have a few different options. One of the best opportunities to utilize affiliate sales is to create affiliate banners and links on the company’s business website for companies that aren’t direct competitors for the company nor sell similar solutions. This strategy can easily turn into a brand collaboration with the other business. The other option is digital subscription services, which are mainly automated and a great way for companies to generate a monthly revenue. Many companies rely on this strategy, and it’s not just used in terms of digital software or products. For example, a number of beauty companies started providing their consumers with digital subscriptions where the subscribers get to receive physical products or refills on a monthly or a quarterly basis.

For many potential consumers, every single business tends to be the same until they get to the point in the buying journey where they have to make a purchasing decision. After all, there are dozens of restaurants or gyms around in their location, which doesn’t give them any specific reason why they should be picking any specific company to do business with. That’s going to be the case until the company finally explains why it or its solutions are different from all the other ones that are available to the customers on the market. This is called product positioning, and it’s supposed to make it clear and concise to potential consumers what the company provides its customers, why they need to care about it, and how the company or its solutions is different from everyone else. Businesses that can’t do that aren’t able to grow, and this is a long-term investment that companies can’t just set and forget about.

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