‘The Marvels’: Is Park Seo-joon cast as bisexual superhero Noh-Varr? Fans say ‘life is good’

Fans were over the moon when it was first reported that K-drama favorite Park Seo-joon had been cast in the sequel to ‘Captain Marvel’. There were many theories that he would be playing Korean-American character Amadeus Cho and the successor of Hulk in ‘Captain Marvel 2’. The foundation had already been laid as Cho’s mother, Helen Cho was the doctor who appeared in ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’. But following the new announcements at the 2022 San Diego Comic-Con, fans now think Park Seo-joon is set to play bisexual superhero Noh-Varr.

Well, according to SDCC 2022, the ‘Captain Marvel’ sequel is titled ‘The Marvels’ and we are set to get the new generation of Marvel superheroes with characters like Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel, Monica’s Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel. Another male superhero of the new gen in the comics happens to be Marvel Boy aka Noh-Varr. He is an Asian character and joined the Young Avengers. He is a super soldier with superhuman strength, speed and agility. Along with his constant crossovers to X-men and Guardians, fans also love his romantic storyline. 

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Park Seo-joon cast in ‘The Marvels’

With MCU finally adding more diversity from POC actors as main leads, it was only a matter of time before we went from queerbaiting and subtext to introducing existing queer characters. Introduced as an anti-establishment character, Noh-Varr is a bisexual superhero who has been linked with Kate Bishop and Moonstone, as well as Hercules and Bishop’s boyfriend, Johnny Watts. The writer also shared that Noh-Varr was inspired by rockstar and LGBT+ icon David Bowie. And so fans are excited at the possibility of seeing Park Seo-joon play an Asian LGBT+ character in a mainstream Hollywood blockbuster.


Noh-Varr in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ (Marvel)

With Amadeus Cho having a bigger role in Hulk’s storyline and Noh-Varr being part of the Young Avengers that Captain Marvel is a part of, fans think that Park Seo-joon will play the latter. And unlike initial rumors, the sequel is not focused on just Carol Danvers but rather on the new generation of Marvel superheroes. Well, whether our favorite K-drama actor plays Cho or Noh-Varr, fans are excited. Known for doing his own stunts and going as far as to learn MMA fighting and boxing for his acting projects, Park Seo-joon is no stranger to action. And with both of his speculated characters having exceptional fighting sequences, it means viewers are in for a good time.

According to MCU’s announcement at 2022 SDCC, ‘The Marvels’ will be released on July 28, 2023.


‘I’d watch Marvel movies for him’

Fans are excited as one tweeted, “/J they have me on a chokehold since psj will be in captain marvel POSSIBLY playing as noh varr, my favourite character in the comics there’s no way i’m making MoM my last movie.” Another fan shared, “Life is good life is great.” One fan added, “Okay we WILL be seated.” One hoped, “If psj is playing as noh varr i hope when they decided to add hercules to the mcu they’ll hint at their relationship bc it’s so ridiculous.” Another commented, “Psj if not being noh varr is a crime.”








One fan shared, “I’d watch marvel movies for him ngl.” Another wrote, “Give it to me now.” One fan was excited, “Hercules just got introduced in tlat and Park Seo Joon will play Noh Varr in The Marvels OH THEYRE HAPPENING THEYRE KISSING I KNOW IT.” Another added, “YALL PARK SEOJOON AS NOH VARR CONFIRMED???? U B*TCHES R CRAZY THE WAY YALL MAKE MARVEL LISTEN TO YALL… anywayz ill be watching the marvels 7 times at the cinema when u see me mind ur own business.”





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