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There is nothing more thrilling than interacting with a galaxy of stars who have innovated and contributed to the growth of online businesses, observed the noted influencer Joginder Bedi. 

Bedi made the above remarks while attending e4m real time programmatic conference and awards in Mumbai.  He referred to Programmatic Marketing as a “whole new world” which will create and add to the existing opportunities for online businesses. 

Representatives from organizations like Voot and Yahoo also participated in the conference and awards which was an eye opener for the attendees from different companies and businesses. 

Bedi further stated that being a witness to the brand panel discussions was an enriching experience for the start-ups as well as the established names in the field of digital marketing. 

The deliberations revolved around “programmatic marketing” which is one of the upcoming nuances being promoted for further development of online business. “Programmatic marketing enables in enhancing inventory buying but there is an increased risk of fraudulent practices where advertisements are concerned,” shared Bedi while giving insight into the subject. He also referred to the experts who shared their suggestions on the issue which would go a long way in helping people understand programmatic marketing better. 

It would not be wrong to say that online business is gradually taking over the offline business which is why it becomes all the more important to come up with “powerful digital tools” that can help the businesses in scaling new heights. “It not only helps the digital marketeers in achieving targets but also in maximizing reach and value addition,” concluded Bedi.

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