Seo Yea-ji Drags LY Group Into The Court

Eve or Eve’s Scandal (이브의 스캔들) is a 2022 South Korean Romantic Melodrama written by Yoon Young-mi and directed by Park Bong-sub. The drama stars Seo Yea-ji, Park Byung-eun, Lee Sang-yeob and Yoo Sun in leading roles. The series will run for 16 episodes. Eve Episode 15 has a runtime of 60 minutes.

– Eve Episode 15 Recap Contains Spoilers –

In Eve Episode 15, Seo Eun-pyeong comforts Ra-el as she gets ready to face what’s coming. She has sued the LY group and Kang Yoon-gyeom has declared that he will attend the trial himself. Eun-pyeong doesn’t understand if his intention behind this is to gain the sympathy of the public and get a media trial or something else. When both Yoon-gyeom and Ra-el arrive at the court at the same time, Ra-el reveals that she is also charging Kang Yoon-gyeom, Han Pan-ro, Han So-ra and Kim Jung-chul for the murder of her parents.

Still from Eve Episode 15

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Han Pan-ro is mad at Yoon-gyeom but knows that he has to find his way out himself now. In court, the judge tries to be easy on Yoon-gyeom but he voluntarily agrees to a settlement with no questions asked. His attorneys advise him not to but he still wants to be on Ra-el’s side. During the mediation counselling, Yoon-gyeom shows his readiness to settle the matter without looking at the evidence that they are really responsible for her parents’ death. Both of them agree on it and Yoon-gyeom tags along with Ra-el to collect the belongings of her mother and confirm it himself to help Ra-el with further documentation.

Han Pan-ro has started taking action and stops Ra-el from receiving her mother’s belongings by filing a report that she is not the real heir and has been faking her identity. This creates a problem for Ra-el but Seo Eun-pyeong intervenes and uses Han Pan-ro’s way of abusing power to get Ra-el’s mother’s belonging to her. Ra-el finally finds out what happened to her mother. Her mother has written a journal in which she mentioned how she silently protested outside the LY office but Yoon-gyeom, Pan-ro and Jung-cheol all passed by her laughing while she cried.

She had also written letters for Ra-el in which she asked her to forget everything and live a healthy. Ra-el breaks down when she sees the final video of her mother. Her mother collapsed in the video after seeing the news of Yoon-gyeom and So-ra’s marriage.

Eve Episode 15 Seo Yea-ji
Still from Eve Episode 15

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Yoon-gyeom gets shocked by seeing all of it and is scared to see what Ra-el and her family went through. Ra-el asks him to die to pay back for all that and he says that he can do that if that’s what the price of everything is. Eun-pyeong has gotten So-ra’s secretary, Moon Do-wan under his hands and is using him to create misunderstandings between Pan-ro, So-ra and Jung-cheol. He sends police to So-ra’s house by sending a voice recording under Pan-ro’s name. So-ra is enraged by her father’s betrayal and Do-wan tells Pan-ro that So-ra has given police the photographs of his in-house cell.

Eve Episode 15 Ending

So-ra walks inside her father’s home and he attacks her with a hammer but when he is about to beat her to death, Do-wan hits him with a golf stick. So-ra locks up her father in his own cell and when Jung-cheol comes to visit him, she tells him that her father has fled the country, leaving two of them on their own. On the other side, Yoon-gyeom has disappeared leaving behind a note that he is tired and ashamed of everything and is leaving everything behind because he cannot do it anymore. He has left the entire company and its share in Ra-el’s name and his personal assets to his daughter, Da-bi.

Eve OST: Hold Me Tight By Kim Ye-ji

Yoon-gyeom’s secretary calls Eun-pyeong because he is nowhere to be found. Ra-el also worries if he has really taken his own life because she told him to. However, she finds him in the church where he proposed to her and cries. Yoon-gyeom takes her to the vacation home and they get romantic again as if nothing happened. So-ra finds out her husband’s location and takes out her father’s gun after she hears that Ra-el is with him. She is not going to hold it back anymore.

Eve Episode 15 Review

In Eve Episode 15, Yoon-gyeom has completely given in to his love for Ra-el. He has been blinded and is giving up on everything. The episode is filled with drama from beginning to end but the thrill is missing.

Eve Episode 15 is available to watch on Viki.

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