Legiit Version 3.0 Infuses New Energy into Freelance Marketplaces

Chris M. Walker - Founder of Legiit

Chris M. Walker – Founder of Legiit

Legiit 3.0 is evolving as a freelancer marketplace, offering businesses the freedom to employ modern work management solutions powered by smart automation

One-third of the US workforce has done freelance work at some point in their career and platforms like Upwork have more than 12 million registered freelancers onboard”


UNITED STATES, July 21, 2022 / — During a live stream launch of Legiit 3.0, Chris M. Walker – CEO, Legiit, said, “Legiit 3.0 has been years in the marking.” The statement highlights how Legiit is bringing about a transformational shift in the freelancer’s marketplace. The launch put up cash prizes of up to $1000 and Chris Walker also shared the many highlights of how Legiit can be a game-changer for similar-looking marketplaces that connect businesses with skilled freelancers.

Tracing the journey of Legiit, the evolution underway is easy to understand where the platform started its journey by bringing about freelancers from different domains, ranging from designers and link builders to content developers but now, the 3.0 version seeks to provide a more comprehensive business management services, ensuring that business owners and key decision-makers find all the tools they need under one roof.

“I believe in taking baby steps, ensuring that everything works as it should, instead of leaping, only to mop up bugs and other issues later. Legiit 3.0 is everything I envisioned when I we went live with Legiit a few years back,” said Legiit CEO – Chris M. Walker

Since its launch in 2018, Legiit has been evolving as a freelancer’s platform. It has progressed as a community that witnessed more additions of freelancing talent as the COVID-19 pandemic brought about disruptions in the business activities of many establishments across the world. While the worldwide shutdowns did create panic, they also helped business owners discover and realize the worth of working with freelancers. While the boost in demand for freelancers was visible on many freelancing platforms, Legiit stood apart by providing more flexibility and freedom for the service sellers. It has been working closely with the freelancing community, believing that the digital environment for skilled individuals and businesses needs to be improved for creating better outcomes.

“Legiit believes in transparency and trust,” said Chris M Walker, highlighting that the platform has an active and thriving Facebook community

With an uptick in the range of services and support it will offer, Legiit is on course to create more engagement for skilled individuals and hiring businesses, creating a unique, 360-degree service platform that companies will be able to use for managing different aspects of their operations. Moreover, Legiit 3.0 also provides more marketing capabilities to freelancers, allowing them to expand their appeal, with the freedom to create a personal brand that can drive more recall and recommendations—a key differentiator when compared with platforms like Fiverr that can put up restrictions on freelancers that try and upmarket their services beyond the freelancing platform.

Legiit 3.0 is geared towards ensuring that businesses can automate more tasks and outsource with greater simplicity. The idea is to provide more business management solutions from the same platform where businesses hire talent without the need to manage in-house teams. Empowered with these capabilities, Legiit has taken another step forward, integrating the platform with Google Analytics, Legiit Leads, Zapier, and Audiit. Co. This makes it easier to create more automation for recurring/regular business activities along with the assurance that the data is always protected and shareable.

Legiit 3.0 is set to create more traction by incorporating training modules for business owners and freelancers, via Legiit courses that cover some of the more demanded skills such as SEO link building or web designing using Canva. With these additions, Legiit is more likely to grow its presence as an end-to-end business management platform rather than a freelancer’s marketplace.

Highlighting the dynamics that Legiit brings to the freelancing community, Tony – CEO of LinkDaddy® said, “The entire Legiit experience has been enlightening, from the hassle-free account set up to being approached by verified, real businesses and buyers.” With top ratings on Legiit, LinkDaddy has been able to garner projects for its white label SEO services, ranging from cloud authority backlinks to local SEO backlink building and domain power booster services.

Many marketplaces for freelancers seem overwhelmed with too many applications for the smallest tasks. Acting more as job boards, these platforms can be suffocating for young talents that are just starting their journey as a freelancer. There can be millions of registered freelancers on a single platform with many agencies posing as an individual, with impressive portfolios that take away any leverage for younger talents in the community. The overcrowding can make the work bidding and garnering process frustrating. Legiit is investing more efforts into authenticating the buyer and the provider, ensuring that while top freelancing talent is easy to find with just a few clicks, there is transparency all around.

While the Legiit team is focused on ensuring that identifying and hiring the talent is easy, it is further uncomplicating its ecosystem, doing away with hard-to-understand contracts or hourly rates. The services from a verified freelance talent come without perplexing calculations and full support of the Legiit team.

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