10 Ultimate Ways to Improve Your Local SEO Right Now

Local SEO is crucial for small businesses to grow in their local region. It gets them a lot of traffic, sales, and conversions from local people. According to Safari Digital, 97% of consumers use the internet to search for a local business. Hence, you cannot deny the importance of local SEO.

There must be a problem with your local SEO if you are not getting enough traffic or sales. You should focus on your local SEO to rank high in the search engines. Here are the 10 most effective strategies for boosting your local SEO. You will find everything you need to increase your SERP ranking, from GMB to link-building. 

So what are you waiting for? Start optimizing today!

Quality Link Building

Backlinks play a significant role in ranking websites in search engines. Google considers backlinks a vote from authority websites that your website is credible. It improves your website authority and brings new traffic to your website.

Here are some tips to get juicy backlinks:

SEO Reseller Services

You can use SEO reseller services for backlinking services. Many link-building companies provide SEO link-building services.

Make sure that you choose a reputable link-building agency for backlinks services.

According to Aira, 69% of marketers think link purchases improve search engine rankings. So, you can get white-hat link-building services for quality link building.


Create informational content that provides value to the readers. Such content pieces automatically get backlinks. It helps you in organic link building.

Eye-catchy Infographics

Create informative infographics. When someone uses the infographic anywhere, he will give you a backlink.

Guest Posting

You can do guest posting on reputable blogs having thousands of monthly visitors. Guest posting introduces your website to new potential customers. You can do guest posting on local blogs to target local audiences.

Google My Business Profile

You must have a Google My Business (GMB) profile to be visible among the local audience. Fill in the necessary details. Adding relevant information will optimize your GMB profile. It will help you rank in local Google search results and maps.

The information to be filled in includes:

  • Your business logo
  • Opening and closing hours
  • Physical address
  • Website
  • Social media profiles
  • Contact number
  • Images
  • Customer reviews

Customer Reviews

It is a natural thing that people will buy a service or product with positive reviews from the customers. Positive reviews build your credibility in the visitor’s eyes and on Google also.

 Get your internet reputation by asking happy buyers to leave reviews. Do not forget to give a public response in return for their feedback. If your customers leave a bad review, try to resolve their problem.

Proper Keyword Research

You cannot do effective local SEO without proper keyword research. If your keyword research is not correct, your SEO campaign will fail. So, do not rush and take your time to do keyword research. Profitable keywords will help you rank in the search engine with less effort.

 Keep yourself at your customer’s place. Now, think about what he or she will type in the search engine to find your business. Make a list of all those keywords to use on your website.

Optimize Your Homepage

Once you have done your keyword research, it is time to optimize your homepage. Use the target keywords in the following places:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • Content
  • Header tags

 It will help to optimize your homepage to appear at the top of the search engine.

Content Strategy

Add blog posts relevant to local news and events to target your local audience. It will assist you in getting traffic and the attention of the local people.

Location-specific Web Pages

You can be present in more than one location. Create location-specific web pages on your website in this case. You should target location-specific keywords for each page.

Add them to the:

  • Title
  • Meta description
  • URL
  • Header tags
  • Web page content

Give each location’s physical address and phone number to its respective web page. It is called NAP which stands for name, address, and phone number. Using this strategy will help optimize your website for various locations.

Local Directory Business Submissions

When people search for a business, a local business directory can appear in the search engine. The directory contains a list of local businesses.

If someone searches “restaurants in Singapore,” a local directory may rank in SERP. The directory has many restaurants listed there. People can compare different restaurants and see their information.

If you submit your business in local business directories, you have a chance to appear there.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

Most people use mobile phones nowadays. For indexing and ranking, Google considers the mobile version of the website. If the website is mobile-friendly, Google will index and rank the website. So, make your website mobile-friendly.

According to Acquisio, 75% of smartphone searches with a local-intent result in an in-store purchase within 24 hours.

Social Media Signals

Social media signals are vital to ranking a website in a search engine. The social media signals serve as backlinks. When you have high social media engagement, Google thinks your content is excellent.

To improve your website’s search engine rankings, ensure you have social media signals pointing to your location.

Make SEO-optimized profiles on social media platforms. Create meaningful content for your audience. Engage with your followers.


  • How can I improve my local SEO?

The content, niche, and target audience of your website will determine the best strategy to increase your local SEO. Therefore, there is no universal solution to this problem.

However, here are some common tips for improving your local SEO:

  • Using relevant keywords in your content
  • Building links back to your website
  • Set up GMB profile
  • Optimize your homepage


  • Can I use SEO reseller services for backlinking?

Yes, you can outsource link building for your website.


Keeping up with local SEO efforts is imperative. It is because of the frequent search engine algorithm updates. If you follow the advice in this blog, you can speed up your progress. To increase your local visibility, you need to start working on your SEO immediately.

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