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Capturing customer data is essential for any e-commerce site, and Dissh, a Queensland-based online boutique needed a solution to give them a better insight into their customer data.

Dissh had humble beginnings as a brick-and-mortar boutique before growing into an international online giant with more than 200 employees across Australia.

Kelly Pembroke, digital marketing manager at Dissh spoke to Digital Nation Australia on how they implemented a system that enabled them to create a better relationship with their customers.

Over the past two years, Dissh has acquired more customers across the globe with different needs, which meant the organisation needed a better understanding of their customer data. 

“We had troubles capturing all that customer data in one place, and communicating to all those customers with stuff relevant to them. We struggled to differentiate between customers who might be in the northern and southern hemispheres. Working with Emarsys has been the solution to that particular struggle,” Pembroke explained.

Since partnering with Emarsys at the beginning of 2022, Dissh has seen improvements in its email marketing.

“[Email] being the first port of call for us in our onboarding process, we’re encouraged to see continued growth in email when it is such a mature, traditional digital marketing channel. In email, we see the impacts of iOS 15, and our privacy opens impacting it but at the end of the day, our email is growing and our revenue is growing,” she explained.

“The biggest thing we’ve got so far is the visibility of our customer’s data, behaviour and lifecycle. We’re learning at the moment what our customer lifetime value is and our expected frequency.

“It would be great to look back on that in 12 months when we’ve had those benchmarks evident through the platform, and then really be able to shift our strategies around that,” she added.

Pembroke said the staff at Dissh are also eager to understand their customers more.

“From the wider business, everyone’s excited to understand that customer data, particularly our executive leadership team want to know more about our customers, as we expand, grow, gain new customers and new markets,” she ended.

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